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Juice Technology presents Juice Booster 3 air, the station

Arriva Juice Booster 3 air the mobile charging station of Juice Technology. On the occasion of Jiuce World Charging Day 2022 the revolutionary charging station with unique performance makes its debut. It might look like Jiuce Booster 2, but going into details, the new one offers more services.

In addition to the possibilities of use as a mobile filling station, wallbox. And type 2 charging cable, Juice Booster 3 air has a charging management system on board. Plus there is a access management system.

The digital electricity meter provides information on the amount of energy charged. This allows easy attribution of the electricity used for recharging. Finally, through theapp j+ the entire system is managed and monitored.

Not only that, from the application you can give the cost of refueling for each tank filled up. Another service, through the history you have an eye on costs and top-ups made.

Juice Booster 3 air, the Juice Technology mobile charging station arrives, press officeJuice Booster 3 air, the Juice Technology mobile charging station arrives, press office

There is the RFID reader, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity

Access to the use of this product for recharging electric cars, the manufacturer informs that the Juice Booster 3 air is equipped with an RFID reader. In fact, there is a programmable key on the Type 2 connector. This gives the possibility that in the first 30 seconds the regulation of the current intensity. This button can also be used to unlock the plug connection (if the car allows it).

Furthermore, Juice Booster 3 air supports the Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. There is no shortage of OTA updates which allow you to improve existing functions and add new ones in the future. Juice Technology has worked hard for make it as safe and robust as possible the product. In fact, it is able to resist crushing up to three tons of load per wheel and is fully compliant with current regulations.

In addition to all this, it possesses a IP67 degree of protection. It also has the function of protection against direct and alternating current faults. This is a feature which, as the manufacturer points out, makes the installation of a differential switch B superfluous in the domestic system.

The mobile wallbox detects over ten different types of errors. Each error message is shown directly on the LED display in text format. For example, if the socket is not wired correctly, or if the vehicle draws more electricity than permitted, Juice Booster 3 air recognizes the problem, reports it and immediately prevents or interrupts recharging.

Juice Booster 3 air comes the mobile charging station of Juice Technology press office 2Juice Booster 3 air, the Juice Technology mobile charging station arrives, press office

The temperature is always under control

Finally, the product for recharging can then count on a temperature monitoring system which offers more safety when charging from household sockets. The sensor integrated in the adapter for domestic sockets (Schuko, T12/T13, Type L and Type G) detects overheating of the connector pins. If the socket overheats, the Juice Booster 3 air performs a controlled shutdown of the charging process and after cooling down automatically restarts it up to three times, with a lower power level each time.

Then, the charging system allows recharges up to 11 kW of power and measures less than 53 mm in diameter by a length of less than 213 mm and weighs approximately 700 grams (without cord). Allows single-phase to three-phase charging from 6 to 16 amps. The price? Yes starts at 1,499 euros. The basic equipment includes the Juice Booster 3 air, 2 adapters (CEE-16 house plug red plus a country-specific house plug), 2 RFID cards and a soft case with Velcro strips for attachment in the boot.

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