Jungle Cruise Review: From Attraction to Screen

We offer you the review of Jungle Cruise, the film with Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson, out in cinemas from July 28 and July 30 streaming on Disney + with Vip Access, which is inspired by an amusement park attraction

ORIGINAL TITLE: Jungle Cruise. GENRE: Adventure / Action. COUNTRY: USA. DIRECTOR: Jaume Collet-Serra. CAST: Dwayne Johnson, Emily Blunt, Jack Whitehall, Paul Giamatti, Edgar Ramirez, Jesse Plemons, Andy Nyman, Quim Gutiérrez time: 91 minutes. DISTRIBUTION: Disney. EXIT: July 30, 2021.

London, 1916: After stealing a precious heirloom from a society of geographers, botanist Lily Houghton leaves with her brother MacGregor for the Amazon rainforest to search for an ancient tree with extraordinary healing properties. Arrived on the spot, the enterprising Lily rent a boat from the sailor Frank, a flattened little crook, but also a very brave one. For the improvised travel companions it is the beginning of an adventure that will lead them to confront the dangers of the Amazon River, the indigenous peoples and the curse of an ancient expedition of conquistadors awakened by the German prince Joachim, determined to do anything even though to take possession of the petals of the legendary tree.

Plot and trailer | Jungle Cruise Review

Jungle Cruise was born as an attraction in the greatest Disneyland of the world, passing on the big screen in the wake of the very successful Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Widely tributary to Disney adventure classics, it uses the charismatic duo to take us on a journey to an unknown place.

The film is out in cinemas from July 28th and July 30th in streaming on Disney + with VIP Access.

Traveling to the other side of the world | Jungle Cruise Review

The intent of Jungle Cruise is to bring back to the screens a glorious season, that of the 1940s adventure cinema, in a modern key. At the time, the attraction was given by the unknown, exotic and truly unattainable places. Today, where every corner of the world is close at hand, is it still possible to amaze with this kind of film? Well, the answer is not so obvious, given that Jungle Cruise is placed in a very specific place: rummaging through the claims of equalizing the quality of Indiana Jones and the former Pirates of the Caribbean, the film travels by taking itself not too seriously, thus carving out the right space for current events.

Jungle Cruise Review: From Attraction to Screen

The key lies in giving a purely aesthetic and mechanical attraction, a soul, characters, their stories, and faces. Net of the last episodes, a bit tired, with the Pirates of the Caribbean the game was successful thanks to the dynamic direction, but above all to the choice of Johnny Depp as the protagonist, identified with the role, which gave life to one of the characters who entered history recent cinema. On the other hand, Dwayne Johnson is no exception and, even in Jungle Cruise, as he has repeatedly shown, he manages to combine the physicality of the action hero with the comedy of a bewildered and funny character.

Great casting in a somewhat mechanical story | Jungle Cruise Review

No less apt is the choice of the female protagonist, Emily Blunt. The English actress is very talented and versatile, with a face capable of giving life to both contemporary and dramatic characters (see the two A Quiet Place) and characters from other times. Thanks to his beauty and expressiveness, brings to life a character who is both real and fantastic. As the protagonist of the film, paired with Dwayne Johnson, it works beautifully.

In any case, whether we are talking about classic adventure cinema, or whether we are talking about the attractions of an amusement park, the goal is the same: amazement, wonder, surprise. In this Jungle Cruise a great fantasy is put into play, from jaguars to dolphins that cause nightmares, from piranhas to carnivorous plants, from scorpions to tarantulas and all kinds of attractions. However, the scheme is that of the amusement park: a surprise at every corner, a jolt at each stage, something that causes amazement. In this aspect the game works, but in the long run it becomes repetitive.

Jungle Cruise Review: From Attraction to Screen

Therefore, despite the excellent couple of protagonists, the good ideas and some successful twists, the film fails to instill a soul in the amusement park attraction. Not that it is decisive in giving a negative opinion on the film: as mentioned, Jungle Cruise never takes itself too seriously and indeed seems to simply want to do a good job in the amaze the viewer and keep him attached to the chair. In this he succeeds very well, probably setting the stage for a vein, if not of great quality, very compelling.


In the Jungle Cruise review we told you that this film originated from a famous Disneyland attraction. The transport operation on the big screen is similar to the one done years ago with the Pirates of the Caribbean, but perhaps it has less potential. It could be a success this time too, because Jungle Cruise is full of rhythm and surprises, even if it follows a somewhat mechanical and repetitive pattern. But it undoubtedly succeeds in the goal of entertaining, thus preparing itself to become a saga to which we wish the best of luck.

Points in favor

  • The chemistry between Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson.
  • The very current story of a woman who makes her way into a world of men.
  • Thrilling adventure.

Points against

  • Too focused on the attraction, to the point of seeming mechanical.
  • The characterization of supporting actors.

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