Kainga Seeds of Civilization review: a title full of potential

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Kainga: Seeds of Civilization is a new city builder available for a few days now on Steam in early access. The game plunges us into a pastel-toned fantasy world, made up of ancient technologies and gigantic beasts on which to build our cities. We at Tech Princess have tried it for a long time and we are ready to offer you our review of Kainga Seeds of Civilization.

Kainga Seeds of Civilization: our review

Kainga Seeeds of Civilization fa parte della vast array of city builder video games which came out in the course of 2021. This genre of video games is slowly but surely coming to saturate the market so the developers have started to insert distinctive elements aimed at making their product one of a kind. In the case of Kainga it is the setting fantasy, with giant beasts capable of carrying entire homes.

It is very important to keep in mind as you read these lines that Kainga is currently in early access on Steam, this means that some game elements may have various problems or bugs. In fact, during our test we found ourselves having to deal with annoying graphic glitches on more than one occasion or in real bugs, like workers who ended up hopelessly stuck between textures.

But putting aside these, children of the still not perfectly finished nature of the game, Kainga offers two explorable biomes at the time of writing this review and we must admit that the whole playful ecosystem still seems a bit bare.

That said, the Kainga was created entirely by a single developer Erik Rempen, who seems willing to give his creation all the necessary support, as evidenced by the very rich roadmap on the upcoming contents. The game itself is full of potential and as it grows it could become one of those products that truly shine with its own light.

Between builders and tamers

The mechanics in which Kainga sets itself apart from its competitors lies in the idea of make the game world inhabited by gigantic creatures, which can be tamed to take advantage of their characteristics in our nascent civilization. Not only that: it is even building part of our cities on the backs of creatures, which is very useful for guaranteeing the right protection to our people.

In this respect, the game partially borrows the formula already seen in Ark and it will be necessary to find the right way to tame these monsters before being able to build saddles suitable for riding them.

Home Seeds of Civilization review

In our explorations we have already come across a rather large series of these titans, but Rempen seems intent on adding more via updates, which will give even more breathing space to our defense and attack options.

Finding the mountable giants, taming them and understanding the best way to exploit them is undoubtedly one of the most successful parts of Kainga’s playful offer, which gives a unique tone to the work and makes you want to explore to grab every single creature.

The gameplay

Although there is a tutorial, this is set up as a quick smattering of game mechanics, and we haven’t found it particularly useful in fully understanding how to actually make our civilization work and evolve. Anyway, once this introductory section was completed we were able to choose the ecosystem to start from.

The development of our civilization will therefore revolve around the so-called thinkers, full-fledged researchers who will be able to develop the new technologies necessary for the development of the city. These are the most important members of the hierarchy and their eventual death is equivalent to a game over with no ifs and buts.

Home Seeds of Civilization review

Of course the surrounding environment will be a constant threat, from the creatures we mentioned in the last paragraph, up to the rival tribes, even passing by the weather that can destroy your work overnight with a particularly strong storm, if you do not take adequate countermeasures.

We conclude the Kainga: Seeds of Civilization review by specifying that it is a video game with great potential, but which at this specific moment is still too embryonic to give a concrete evaluation on the goodness of production. Surely we have very effective gameplay gimmicks, however, surrounded by a rough and not very accessible structure.

It is very likely that Kainga’s gaming economy will improve significantly in the coming months.

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