Online scams linked to the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix are increasing

Aumentano le truffe online collegate al Gran Premio d'Italia di Formula 1 thumbnail

This Sunday, September 12, the highly anticipated is scheduled Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix. Like every year, the event generates huge online interest and the ability to watch it live stream attracts many users. A new Kaspersky investigation took into account the schemes used by scammers to monetize users’ interest in Formula 1. In particular, the schemes connected to the Italian Grand Prix were taken into consideration.

The Italian Grand Prix is ​​used for computer scams

As revealed by Kaspersky, there are numerous online frauds that aim to steal user credentials. Kaspersky’s team of experts has identified numerous sites that promise live streaming of the Italian Grand Prix with the aim of sobtain login credentials and credit card details of users (once the payment of 1 dollar is required, a ploy to get hold of the card data). This is a real threat to users. The interest in Formula 1 is always very high and the promise of a streaming vision of the race risks making many users fall into the trap of scammers.

Kaspersky’s comment

Tatyana Shcherbakova, Security Expert di Kaspersky, emphasizes: “Cybercriminals use major sporting events as bait, to lure potential victims and steal their money and credentials. We have already observed a similar situation during the Olympics period. Impatient to watch F1, users pay no attention to the sites they visit, thus falling into the trap of cybercriminals “

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