Kainga Seeds of Civilization will arrive on Steam by the end of 2021

Kainga Seeds of Civilization arriverà su Steam entro la fine del 2021 thumbnail

Green Man Gaming Publishing has signed a new global publishing agreement with Erik Rempen, a solo game designer who developed roguelite completely by himself Home: Seeds of Civilization. The game is expected to arrive on PC via Steam by the end of 2021, and aims to immerse players in a unique, procedurally generated world full of mystery and surprise.

Kainga: Seeds of Civilization arrivare a fine 2021

Kainga: Seeds of Civilization is a roguelite city builder set in a world as fantastic as it is mysterious. Assuming the role of the Thinker, the village chief, you will need to adapt to the procedurally generated environment and surroundings as well as make the right choices to allow your people and settlement to thrive. Although citizens are partially expendable, if the Thinker dies, the player loses. Just like the chess king, they are weak and vulnerable and must be protected at all costs.

Kainga: Seeds of Civilization focuses its gameplay on short challenges, from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Each challenge is a fresh and diverse experience in an ever-changing setting that still allows the player to progress between one run and another.

Here are the main features of the game:

  • Create a unique culture – Using the unique Thinker skill tree, select a starting culture based on civilizations from around the world. Make your mark on the world with your choice of buildings, festivals, resource production and more!
  • Adapt to your environment – Use the terrain and resources to your advantage, keep an eye on what you have and plan carefully in an ever-changing environment, as you battle the elements, disasters, other villages and even the beasts that roam the lands .
  • Train units and tame beasts – Keep your village safe by researching technologies to equip your villagers with advanced weapons. You can even use the beasts to your advantage by asking them and attacking your rivals with them.
  • Gain new knowledge for future runs – Each ending carries the seed of a new beginning, unlocks new technologies, biomes and challenges to add further complexity to each run.
  • Build legendary structures – From imposing stone menhirs, to large castles and more. Build and protect huge buildings using materials from all over the map.
  • Customize your play style – Choose a custom look and start layout based on how you play before diving into the procedurally generated world and putting your skills to the test.

The game is expected to arrive on Steam by the end of 2021.

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