Kanye West’s latest madness: he will buy Parler, the social media of Trump supporters

Kanye West acquisterà Parler, il social network che ha favorito l’ascesa di Donald Trump thumbnail

Another day, another controversy concerning Kanye Westwhich today has reached an agreement for the acquisition of Talk, an American social network particularly loved by the US right. The platform, which played an important role in the election campaign of Donald Trumpis largely composed of users who support the conspiracy theory of QAnon.

The current ownership of the platform has confirmed that the acquisition will be formalized by the end of the year. However, the economic details of the agreement are not known.

Kanye West on Parler: “We must preserve the right to express ourselves freely”

The rapper – who since 2021 has legally changed his name to Yesterday – he has always been a strong supporter of Donald Trump’s conservative policy. He is therefore not surprised by his interest in acquiring the social network that, more than all, has favored the political rise of the former US President. Talkin a historical moment in which social networks banned Trump’s utterances, played a very important role in the events of Capitol Hill, when the supporters of the Tycoon stormed the US Congress.

Following these events, Twitter and Facebook took strong action against Donald Trump. Contextually Apple and Google immediately removed Parler from their digital stores. The app is then available for download again, even if the content that can be published is resized.

In commenting on the agreement, Yè stated that “In a world where conservative views are considered controversial, we must preserve the right to be able to express ourselves freely”.

Just last week Kanye West was blocked by Twitter for an anti-Semitic post. In March, the rapper was also blocked by Instagram on charges of “inciting hatred”. Finally, in February, for the release of Donda 2, the artist had launched a very expensive audio player capable of reading the stems of the disc: the Stem Player.