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Karate Man: the film about Claudio Del Falco arrives at the cinema

Karate Man: the film on the true story of the protagonist, Claudio Del Falco, arrives at the cinema on May 26, 2022

It’s official: the film finally arrives in cinemas Karate Man. The film tells the true story of Claudio Del Falcoa karateka who from childhood found the strength to fight his hereditary disease through a passion for sport.

Claudio Fragasso, author of Palermo Milan one way e Milan Palermo The return, signs the direction. The manufacturer is Alberto De Venezia for Ipnotica productions, while Ponnto Production is associated production.

Karate Man also enjoys the patronage of FIJLKAM (Italian Federation of Judo Fight Karate Martial Arts), WKF (World Karate Federation) and of Sport and Health.

Sign the script for Karate man Rossella Drudifrom a story written together by the director Fragasso himself.

The plot of Karate Man

During the world karate championships Claudio Del Falco, martial arts champion, loses the title fighting against Stefano Maniscalco, multiple world and international champion. At the end of the fight, Claudio falls into a coma, but not because of the blows suffered by Blacksmith, but because of the disease that has afflicted him since he was a child, which he has always hidden from everyone. Disease that, together with the passion for martial arts and a large sports center, he inherited from his father. It is he who taught him to live with it, taking care of himself without stopping dreaming big. When Claudio comes out of a coma, he has Laura next to him, his lifelong physiotherapist, as well as a sports doctor with whom he has a love affair. Unfortunately, the relationship is tormented by her ex-partner, Maurizio, a violent and dangerous psychedelic young man, who does not accept the end of their relationship and constantly threatens her.

Dramatic consequences lead Claudio to fall into a sort of depression. His friend Farrier is close to him and convinces him to train to recover and prepare to face a very tough MMA match, as clandestine bets made without his knowledge risk ruining his existence and depriving him of the precious gym.

Little by little he tries to fulfill his lifelong dream: to become the only real karate man, international martial arts champion.

The director’s statement

Claudio Fragasso is how he talks about his film Karate Man:

Karate man is the revenge on the life of a child struck by an illness when he was only ten years old. A child who had withdrawn into himself by depriving himself of everything, because he felt different from the others. But then, through the knowledge of a noble and ancient sport like karate, he gets up and becomes an example for all those who, like him, felt excluded. Exceeding all expectations, he enters the European and world competitions becoming a champion. Although the story is fictional it was inspired by the real life of Claudio Del Falco, the protagonist of the film. If sport can help overcome the fears and limitations of those suffering from health problems, even reaching unthinkable goals, this is a positive message that must be conveyed to everyone.

The cast

Alongside Claudio Del Falco, the real world champion of karate is part of the cast Stefano Maniscalco, Anne Garcia, Tony Scarfthe multiple champion of MMA Michele Verginelli, Stefano Calvagna, Melina Arena, Gianluca Potenziani, Marco Aceti, Ivan Lucarelli, Gabriela Teleaga, Monica Carpanese, Camera Frame, Delia Germi, Faithful Tullo, Noemi Cognini and, in the role of the protagonist as a child, Niccolò Calvagna.

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