Kaspersky blocks several Windows 11 related malware

Kaspersky blocca diverse minacce informatiche legate a Windows 11 thumbnail

On June 24th, Microsoft presented Windows 11, the new version of its operating system coming later this year in a stable version. Users have the option to preview Windows 11 to test what’s new. Kaspersky has identified some threats related to the new operating system, blocking 850 attack attempts.

Kaspersky blocks cyber threats disguised as Windows 11

The Kaspersky team has highlighted a wide range of Windows 11 related malware threats. During the first month of the official announcement, Kaspersky’s solutions detected and prevented 850 attack attempts through files with various threats disguised as Windows 11.

Among the threats identified is a 1.75 GB malicious file containing mostly useless data. This file simulates the Windows installer by running, in parallel, the set up of adware and other types of malware. To avoid threats disguised by Windows 11, Kaspersky recommends:

  • be wary of news and offers related to the new operating system
  • download the system only from the official store
  • check the reliability of the sites visited
  • use a security solution, such as Kaspersky Security Cloud, to protect yourself

Kaspersky’s comment

Anton V. Ivanov, security expert di Kaspersky, comments: “The new Windows 11 operating system is a major release, attracting the interest of many users and technology enthusiasts. The scammers took this opportunity and quickly adapted, spreading various types of malware disguised by the new operating system. Being eager to try the update, users are likely to pay less attention to the installation process and download files from third-party sources, which we recommend never doing. And the scammers are happy to offer their services ”