Clubhouse rimuove l'accesso a inviti: tutti possono iscriversi thumbnail

Clubhouse removes access to invitations – anyone can join

Clubhouse removes access to invitations: everyone can subscribe thumbnail

Free access for all: from today to subscribe to the social voice Clubhouse invitations from already registered users are no longer required. All users who remained on the waiting list will automatically join the application network: they are 10 million users who were waiting for this moment.

Free access to the Clubhouse, the subscription to invitations ends

“The invitation system was an important step in our initial phase. But we have always wanted Clubhouse open to everyone ”they explain Paul Davison and Rohan Seth, founders of the social vocal. A move almost due for Clubhouse, which compared to last year when it was the only social network of this type now has to stand up to competition from some Silicon Valley giants. Just to name a couple, Twitter con Spaces e Facebook con Audio Rooms.

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A further move that aims to broaden the audience of people who enter the virtual rooms of Clubhouse. In fact, only in May the developers had presented a version of the app for Android smartphones. And in the first two months it seems that 10 million users of the robot’s operating system have downloaded the application.

Indeed, a few days ago the social network had implemented the first functions that go beyond the mere use of the voice. In fact with the function Backchannel becomes possible to use private and group chats to send messages and exchange links with friends. An interesting convenience, even if the photographs and videos are still missing (perhaps also not to remove too much focus from the audio rooms).

Clubhouse’s goal is to revive the platform, which had dropped below one million monthly downloads in April. The launch on Android had brought the downloads at 7.7 million, making Clubhouse return to the list of the most downloaded. And this new decision should do it again, with at least 10 million users waiting.

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