Keep Racism Out: FIFA 22 against discrimination

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Through a press release, EA Sports and Lega Serie A have disclosed an interesting new initiative called Keep Racism Out which, by combining real football with the virtual one of FIFA 22, wants to send a strong message against discrimination

The race for success of FIFA 22, the annual chapter of the most famous football video game series, continues unabated and undisputed, also due to the low competitiveness of eFootball, the free-to-play drift of PES that has not convinced gamers and critics. We talked to you about the title of EA Sports in a dedicated review, which you can find by clicking here, but today we are here to talk to you about an initiative that is decidedly different from the usual, and much more commendable and socially useful. Through a press release, in fact, the division of Electronic Arts, together with Lega Serie A, introduced us to the new and third edition of “Keep Racism Out”an initiative aimed at combating all types of discrimination.

Promoted by Lega Serie A with UNAR (National Office against Racial Discrimination of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers), Keep Racism Out supports the fight against racism and has been implemented to ensure equal treatment, the protection of human rights in football And to keep racism out of the stadiums. With the aim of raising awareness of all football fans, both in the real and virtual world, and above all to create further awareness, EA Sports introduced a bespoke kit in FIFA 22 to spread the educational message. The kit will feature the dark and light blue colors of the Lega Serie A brand with the “Keep Racism Out” logo and the orange stripe on the front of the jerseys. It is already available in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Keep Racism Out: FIFA 22 against discrimination

FIFA 22 Fighting Racism: Keep Racism Out!

David JacsonVP Brand EA Sports FIFA, commented:

EA Sports supports the Serie A League in its fight against racism not only in football, but also in our society in general. Making the “Keep Racism Out” kit available within FIFA 22 creates an opportunity for players to show their support for this message.

Luigi De ServantCEO of Lega Serie A, said instead:

The fight against discrimination in all its forms is unfortunately still a very current topic, but the success of the “Keep Racism Out” campaign over the years shows that something is changing. This awareness must be a stimulus to do better and better in this battle that is so important for our society. We are extremely proud that also this season EA SPORTS is alongside Lega Serie A and the “Keep Racism Out” campaign, convinced that through the FIFA 22 video game we will be able to convey this message of respect and inclusion to the greatest number of people, in particular among the younger generations, who will be the future of a world of football finally free from all discrimination.

The Keep Racism Out game kit is already available in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team mode. Let us know what you think of this initiative below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news, guides and themed reviews videogame and tech! And if you are interested in game keys at advantageous prices, we recommend that you take a look at the InstantGaming catalog!

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