Kena: Bridge of Spirits, here are the news of the Halloween update

Kena: Bridge of Spirits ahead of Halloween gives its players special themed features with a new update

Kena: Bridge of Spirits temporarily changes its look thanks to an update released a few days before Halloween. Ember Lab, a few days from October 31, has decided to release (to the delight of the players of the popular action adventure game) the patch 1.11, with gods new content usable in the game and new customizations perfect for celebrating the night of the witches in the company of Kena and the world it belongs to. The game was released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC (on the Epic Games store) on September 21 (and it looks like it will also be arriving on Xbox and Switch very soon).

What we know about Kena: Bridge of Spirits Halloween themed update 1.11

L’update of Kena’s Halloween: Bridge of Spirits on the one hand involves the Rot, sprites hidden in the vast map that the player must explore: from the details that have emerged, they have been added three new hats special to personalize them, one in the shape of a Jack O’Lantern pumpkin, one in the shape of a witch and one in the shape of a bat. However, the three hats would be hidden worldwide playable, and more will be available only until November 1st. The players, therefore, will have to get busy quickly, if they want to grab these new features!

Other updates of patch 1.11 are the addition of autosave slot, improvements regarding the camera mode and the correction of some bug, on both PC and PlayStation. This first seasonal Halloween feature could lead to new additions inspired by the holidays (maybe for Christmas?) and even a sequel of the game, given the success it had. We just have to wait for more news, which will certainly not be long in coming.

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