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Kenwood LS-600BT: presented the company’s first soundbar

Great return in the Home Theater with the new Kenwood soundbar, the LS-600BT, performing, versatile and accessible to all

Kenwood, today announces the launch of the new soundbar LS-600BT. This product is meant to meet the needs of a public even more ample. In fact, it is proposed as the perfect solution to improve the performance of the acoustic contents reproduced by your TV or monitor in complete simplicity. Thanks also to the possibility of the streaming Bluetooth 5.0, the connection to play content audio Of quality it is within everyone’s reach.

This product is therefore perfectly suited to the needs of those looking for solutions performing listening without giving up design, all’eleganza of lines and ease of use.

Kenwood LS-600BT: presented the company's first soundbar

Kenwood LS-600BT: some technical characteristics

With a power of 60W RMSthe soundbar provided Kenwood offers an immersive and immersive audio experience. Thanks to her wireless connection, produces realistic and clear sound effects that allow you to enjoy the story of any movie even when the surround effects I’m with them greatest expression. Last but not least, the equalization settings are fully customizable to offer a unique and versatile listening experience.

Also, the soundbar LS-600BT marries design to support sonic excellence. The possibility of montage a wall, the metal front grille and the display bianco a LED make it a perfect piece of furniture in any type of context and style

The new Kenwood LS-600BT is available on the official store and at major electronics retailers at the recommended price of €109.99. What do you think of this new soundbar? Let us know with a comment below and keep reading to stay updated on the latest news and more.

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