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The Children of Silentown review: a sweet melody and the mystery of the forest

We recently tried Children of Silentownthe new point and click by Elf Games and Studio Luna II – this is ours review. We remind you that we tried the title on PC, through a code Steam. The title is currently available also on the Nintendo Switch.

The review of Children of Silentown, the silent and biting game

Children of Silentown it’s a point and click dark adventure strongly inspired by the works of Tim Burton, and we can see it not only from the drawings, which is the first element that catches the eye, but also in the plot. In this particular title we will play the role of the little girl Lucya little girl who lives in a mysterious city full of scared people forest nearby, from which terrifying roars and howls are heard every night.

For this reason the adults of the city have loud noises are strictly prohibited during the day not night outings. If these rules are broken, the people disappear and everyone says they were kidnapped by monsters from the forest.

But Lucy likes to sing with her mother, which of course she does is disapproved of by the village in general and which also causes stress within the family, as the father is strict and likes to follow the rules. When suddenly the strange happenings of the village begin to approach her, Lucy’s house start asking questions and ad investigate the seemingly cursed city. She doesn’t know what awaits her around the corner and given the circumstances, it could be something big.

Classic gameplay, between songs and melodies

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Children of Silenttown features the traditional gameplay point and click, simple and extremely relaxing. Within the title it is possible talk to people ehinvestigate the city, collect various objects to use in different ways and exploring calmly. At the same time we can also combine some items depending on the situation we find ourselves in, an aspect that we have appreciated and found very useful.

Furthermore, in the course of the title, we will also be able to get songs and melodies. These songs are very important because they will allow us to proceed forward with the plot. Some, for example, will allow a person to open up more with us; in this way we will be able to obtain further information about a particular one personaand place or even a object.

Analogously to this is added the use of specific tunes to solve a puzzle, which can also be useful for making the song itself work. Of course, this all depends on the type of music usedwhich will quickly become more complicated and complex as the game progresses.

We really liked this aspect because he put us to the test over and over again. In addition to the riddles of the songs, which we can consider the most complicated, within Children of Silentown we will also find simpler puzzles. Perhaps too simple. However we consider it an excellent compromise; on the one hand we have tricky puzzles, on the other easier puzzles. In this way the title is more balanced and fair.

At this point, however, we can safely say that the riddles of the songs I am the highlight of the game and what makes Children of Silenttown special and unique.

During our adventure we will meet various characters, namely the citizens of the city. Many of them are more transparent than others and we will understand immediatelyand how to approach it to them to solve various puzzles. Others will be more reserved and we’ll need a few more minutes to figure out exactly what they’re thinking. By singing to various characters, we will begin to better understand theirs stories and the why of some of them behaviors.

The city it is the main place where we will move and which we will go to explore during our adventure; however, as you progress, they will open new unreleased areas that we will have the opportunity to explore.

Despite exploring the same areas over and over again, the title still manages to deliver a new and suspenseful atmosphere, which will surprise us every time. Furthermore, retracing the same paths can be positive because it allows us to look closely at the townsthe way they they interact with each other and notice if they have strange behavior.

Finally, in addition to solving the puzzles of each chapter, it is possible to find some stickers, all related to particular chapters. Are the classic collectibles which provide us with more information about the game. The former are easy to find but as you proceed forward it will become increasingly difficult to find them be sure to look carefully at every corner.

Musica e design

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Lo artistic stylethe musica and thewhole atmosphere they are the aspect that we appreciated the most. Every corner of the city, every character and even every word (despite not being spoken), they manage to make us feel uncomfortable. There is an atmosphere dark e terrifying which many will find enjoyable. As you can see, the style of the drawings is very reminiscent of the masterpieces of Tim Burton qso if you are a fan of the director, sure you will appreciate it immensely Children of Silentown.

The way everything was conceived and designed it will have you hooked in no time at all. The environments are also surprisingly varied, especially considering how small the maps are. THE colorsor theirs lackplay an important role in the game as they will allow us to find various key items and much more.

Il sound designon the other hand, is stellar. There are no dialogues; we will continuously be accompanied by pleasant music, extremely outstanding and well-crafted, which is crucial considering the role of music within the title. Furthermore, the songs that Lucy learns are composed of a few notes each but are performed in a manner enchanting.

The Children of Silenttown review: In conclusion

Children of Silentown it is an immense and particular title, impeccably made, simple yet profound and pungent. It almost seems to be in front of one dark and fascinating fairy tale; the whole story, and especially the protagonist Lucy, immediately intrigues us and captures our attention in no time at all.

Children of Silenttown is a truly amazing adventure. The world has kept us in one constant state of suspense and the characters managed to surprise us. Some puzzles got on our nerves but we still enjoyed them because they allowed us to test our skills – and our patience too. We remind you that the title is available on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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