Kia e la filosofia Opposite United alla Milano Design Week 2024 thumbnail

Kia and the Opposite United philosophy at Milan Design Week 2024

Come on presents to Milano Design Week 2024 his Design Cultural Communication Project. Renowned artists will exhibit new works inspired by Kia's “Opposites United” design philosophy at the Museo della Permanente in Milan from 15 to 21 April.

Kia's new project at Milan Design Week 2024

In last year's edition, Kia illustrated its design philosophy by engaging in a broader discussion through the exhibition Opposites United. Where a gathered community of participants shared their ideas and thoughts.

This year's edition will evolve through dialogue and conversations with participants from various sectors. A bold choice whose aim is to enhance Kia's creative culture rather than a monologue on the brand's design history.

Both the participants of this edition and the previous one – including artists, designers and the organizers of the exhibition – will promote the cultural creativity communicating directly with anyone visiting Milan Design Week. The dialogue will take place through three different types of artistic installation: Personal and Collective, Tangible and Intangible, Finite and Infinite.

Personal and Collective: the opposite ways of living life according to Kia expressed at Milan Design Week 2024

The personal and collective spheres represent two opposite ways of living life and understanding the world. Nobody excludes the other. All this is expressed through the combination of Anna Galtarossa's kaleidoscopic multisensory installation, “The Spirit of Disco”, with the conceptual “Daily Dense Dance Desiderio” by Riccardo Benassi.

Galtarossa invites the visitor to travel through the personal perspective of the artist, projecting his experience beyond spatial limits by integrating the material world with augmented reality; Benassi, on the other hand, introduces us to a digital world of techno-thoughts, reflecting on the moments of ecstasy and trance of collective practices with conceptual and monochromatic work.

Come onCome on

The Opposites United concept

The obsession with appearance increasingly leads to the neglect of some senses, even to the loss of scents, but the sense of smell can intertwine space and time in new ways, opening up new possibilities of perception and increasing the experience of the world. . What do you think about the smell of something that doesn't exist, about the idea of ​​a possible perfume, based on the concept of Opposites United?

Multidisciplinary artist Sissel Tolaas brilliantly uses sci-fi industrial components in “whereareWEarewhere”, a high-tech device designed to spread a new and invisible architecture of the senses. Pushing the boundaries of perception to generate what will be remembered by many as “the scent of Opposites United 2024,” Tolaas expands the realm of perception to elicit the aroma of the future.

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