KillNet continues the attacks: Italian airports in the crosshairs

KillNet continua gli attacchi: nel mirino aeroporti italiani

KillNet continues the attacks and this time the websites of many Italian airports, inaccessible due to DDoS attacks, are targeted

We have already talked about KillNet which, after having attacked several Italian institutional sites, also has some Italian airports in its sights. The airports ended up victims of the cyber attack DDoS launched by pro-Russian hackers KillNetwhich made several websites unreachable yesterday.

Airports in the viewfinder

Several airports in the north have been hit, including Milan Linate e Milan Malpensa, Bergamo Orio al Serio, Genova e Rimini. The functions of the portal are currently restored, while from Orio they let it be known that there are no consequences on the operation of the airport and flights and that the technicians are working to restore the functionality of the site. The Genoese airport, on the other hand, reports that only the web page is offline. The hacker attack of KillNet it did not create any problems for the flights and internal operating systems of the Ligurian Cristoforo Colombo airport.

In addition to the airports mentioned, KillNet the attacks against Italy continue. In a few hours, over 50 Italian sites were targeted including ministries, judicial bodies, companies, media, guarantee authorities, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Defense, Education, Cultural Heritage, as well as the Council portal Superior of the Judiciary. Meanwhile on Telegram instructions were given “to liquidate the Italian information structure”, with a sort of battle cry “Fire at all”.

Hybrid warfare

Il Copasir defines it “Hybrid warfare” the one that is also affecting Italy. The Undersecretary Delegate for National Security Franco Gabrielli declares:

If we create a climate of defeatism with an attack DDosS, I begin to worry when the attacks will be more significant. And it is not excluded that it will happen. We should expect aescalation. But we have to prepare. The difference is not only the attacker but also the ability of the attacker. We have wasted time, the levels and standards are not as performing, just as we are not at year zero

The attack is striking for its vastness and capillarity. The impression, however, is that the blitz of KillNet of these hours may represent only a demonstrative action that anticipates a more dangerous offensive.

KillNet continues the attacks: Italian airports in the crosshairs

What do you think of it? Should Italy invest more in IT security or are the institutions already implementing all possible countermeasures? Let us know in the comments and keep following to stay up to date.