Kimi Antonelli looks forward to his F1 debut but needs an exemption

The Bolognese driver Andrea Kimi Antonelli will turn 18 at the end of August and therefore could fulfill his dream of making his debut in F1. But Mercedes and Williams are pushing to obtain an exemption from the FIA ​​to bring forward its debut

Among the many issues that are affecting F1 there is also that relating to the debut of Kimi Antonelli in the Circus. The 2006 born native of Bologna, since 2019 under the protective wing of the Mercedescould make his F1 debut in Imola Grand Prix in the place of Logan Sargeant in Williams. The very young Italian talent is in fact one of the suitors to join George Russell in Mercedes next season.

In the thoughts of the team led by This is Wolff there would be to initially place Antonelli in Williams, making him debut already in Imola to immediately put him to the test in Formula 1 and, if he were to give the positive feedback already shown in the tests, he could be promoted from next season in place of Lewis Hamilton betrothed to Ferrari. On the other hand, Williams would be ready to sacrifice Sargeant who has never fully convinced the Grove team.

Kimi Antonelli looks forward to his F1 debut but needs an exemptionKimi Antonelli looks forward to his F1 debut but needs an exemption

Kimi Antonelli in F1: FIA decision awaited

Gran Premio in Abu Dhabi 2021this was the last race in which an Italian driver raced in F1, we are talking about Antonio Giovinazzi when he was behind the wheelAlfa Romeo. Now, 3 years later we could see an Italian driver racing on the F1 tracks again. However, the biggest obstacle at the moment is the fact that Antonelli is neither of age nor the FIA ​​superlicence, necessary to compete in F1. Kimi Antonelli's recent tests with the Mercedes W13 indicate that the team is carefully evaluating his abilities and potential. If the superlicence request were to be accepted by the FIA, we could see Antonelli debut in Formula 1 very earlyperhaps already during the current season.

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