Kinèo Award: celebrates 20 years at the Venice International Film Art Exhibition

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The Kinèo Award celebrates its 20 years, with an official presentation at the Cannes Film Festival, to be held on May 19, at 5.15 pm at the Italian Pavillion

Kinèo Award: celebrates 20 years at the Venice International Film Art Exhibition

The Kinèo Award conceived and directed by Rosetta Sannelli, as president of the Kinèo Cultural Association, turns 20 at the 79th Venice Film Festival and will be presented with a preview press conference during the Cannes Film Festival, at the Italina Pavillion, day Thursday 19 May at 5:15 pm.

How Kinèo was born, its history

Born as a prize of Italian cinema, and voted by spectators to support the industry and cinemas, over the years it has broadened its horizons by opening up to international audiovision, favoring many encounters between artists from all over the world, also relying on the judgment of a jury of excellence.

And the following is what the president declares: Rosetta Sannelli

Since then, a lot has happened and changed in two decades. Italian cinema has raised its head and industry thanks also to the advent of platforms that have multiplied job opportunities, enjoying good health. Certainly the audiovisual world has undergone the Copernican revolution in almost all other economic sectors and in the life of each of us. And there will still be many changes and transformations due to an increasingly enlarged and global audiovisual market.

In this perspective, Kinèo considers it very important to support and enhance the young generations of Italian artists from any branch of cinema / audiovisual who will have to be up to the new future challenges.

Kinèo Award: celebrates 20 years at the Venice International Film Art Exhibition

Precisely to face new challenges, this year’s Kinèo kicks off a new collaboration with Fenix ​​Entertainment by Riccardo di Pasquale, a leader in film, television and music production, flanked by consultant Daniele Orazi, an established professional in the sector. audiovisual.

One of the common objectives to face today’s society is to focus on the new generations. For many years, in fact, the Kinèo has started together with the Experimental Center of Cinematography and the General Director Marcello Foti, a project to enhance young emerging artists selected by the various film schools with a dedicated prize, which is awarded every year to the most talented. and deserving.

And not only that, from this year onwards the Kinèo will also dedicate a special event for young artists, that is: an entire evening of celebration, where it will be possible to interface young talents with already renowned artists, with directors and producers, which will then end with the awarding of awards.

The Kinèo, how the celebration will take place

As per tradition, the Prize will continue to collaborate with ANEC, and to support cinemas, a place where you can enjoy the complete experience of the magic of cinema, in the compendium of all its arts, with the Veneto Film Commission, with the ITTV Los Angeles Festival created by Valentina Martelli and Cristina Scognamillo, with the syndicate of film critics (Sncci) and with the SGDs in Action Film Festival.

The prize categories, on the other hand, will be those already known:

  • Best Film;
  • Best Direction;
  • Best First Work;
  • Best Actor in a Leading and Supporting Role;
  • Best Actress in a Leading and Supporting Role;
  • Best International Film;
  • Best TV Series / National Platform;
  • Best TV Series / International Platform;
  • Best international artists;
  • Lifetime Achievement Award;

And special prizes, including the “Character of the Year for Cinema” Award conferred to Piera Detassis.

Kinèo Award: celebrates 20 years at the Venice International Film Art Exhibition

Finally, with pride and dedication, Kinèo announces the recurring award for the best national or international producer to Martha De Laurentiis on this important 20-year anniversary of the Venice Film Festival. By stating verbatim words:

Martha left us, too young, over the past year. She was a much loved producer in America, continuing the craft she had learned from the great master and her husband Dino De Laurentiis. In 2020 Martha was the honorary president of the Kinèo Prize and she had accepted this role with great enthusiasm.

Not only that, in 2029 he had contributed, opening his home to Hollywood industry and artists, to the celebrations in honor of Lina Wertmüller and participated in many events of a fantastic week which ended with the awarding of the Honorary Award to Lina Wertmüller at the career. Martha de Laurentiis was the flag of Italian cinema in Hollywood. You have also collaborated with our institutions in our country to bring our industry and our artists closer to the world of American cinema.

Kinèo, in agreement with his family, is therefore honored to establish the Martha De Laurentiis Award to commemorate his work and his extraordinary personality.

Kinèo award ceremony and collaboration with Fenix ​​Entertainment

Fenix ​​Entertainment is a media-tech company that operates with passion and an innovative approach in the audiovisual sector. Since its inception, Fenix ​​has produced feature films, short films, documentaries, docu-series that have participated in the major film festivals in the world.

Furthermore, with the Fenix ​​Music brand, Fenix ​​also operates in the recording sector, producing numerous artists of different genres. With the entry of Filippo Cipriano as general manager, the company will begin producing entertainment content for the major national and international broadcasters. Furthermore, with the acquisition of 60% of Laser Film and Laser Digital, Fenix ​​Entertainment also becomes a leader in the post-production sector, thus managing the entire production chain of the audiovisual product, from its conception to development to realization. in every phase.

Don’t forget the official presentation at the Cannes Film Festival on May 19th, at 5.15pm at the Italian Pavillion

And I recommend you, let us know what you think, for us, your opinion is important.

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