Kingdom Hearts 4: possible arrival in 2025?

From the eternal waits for the third chapter to the potential flash release for the fourth: could Kingdom Hearts 4 arrive as early as 2025?

If there's a title we don't report on often rumorprecisely because of its propensity towards them, is Kingdom Hearts 4which is why we are gathering here the rumors about the possible release in 2025. The source, in this case, is Daniel “DanielRPK” Richtmanwhich he echoed Insider Gaming (Tom Henderson's title). Recently Disney has shown interest in the idea of ​​adapting the saga through a series or a real film, but in the meantime it seems that the development by Square-Enix is proceeding at full speed. A gestation that began in 2020, and which could culminate next year. The third chapter ended with Sora's arrival in a new world, Squarea hybrid between the afterlife, what in the lore of the series is fiction and the real Shibuya.

Kingdom Hearts 4 in 2025: an eventuality that really causes… rumors

Speculations on the plot of Kingdom Hearts 4 aside, the possible arrival of the game in 2025 is not the only unknown. Although Sony's have been the primary platforms for the franchise for a long time, Square-Enix seems intent on backtrack on its exclusivity policy. The recent titles published only for the cobalt titan, Final Fantasy XVI and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth above all, have disappointed the expectations of the role-playing game giant. Being Xbox having become to all intents and purposes a partner of Square-Enix, it remains to be seen whether the saga of Sora and company is free from contractual constraints or not. What is certain, however, is that the wait for any confirmation is expected to be very long.

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