King’s Bounty II is officially available: here is the launch trailer

King's Bounty II è ufficialmente disponibile: ecco il trailer di lancio thumbnail

Prime Matter has announced that King’s Bounty II is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. On the occasion of the official launch, a new trailer in which we can hear the main theme of the game, entitled Reborn, written by composer Raney Shockne and produced by David Cordeiro, with the participation of Vanessa Bryan.

King’s Bounty II is available: here is the launch trailer

King’s Bounty II looks like a real revolution for the series. In this second chapter, in fact, the developers have decided to abandon the isometric role-playing game to transform their creation into a GDR Open World, with a deep strategic component. An ambitious choice, which has brought this title on the radar of many fans.

Here she is synopsis of the plot:

“Darkness descends on the world of Nostria. Conspiracies, sabotage, and necromancy are driving the country into ruin. The counties demand independence, bandits roam the streets and rumors of Blight’s dominance emerge from a whisper in the dark. Old King Claudius has been poisoned and cannot lead the kingdom, so his son, Prince Adrian, must unite the warring lands as his power and belief in him are dented from multiple fronts. But perhaps a savior – the kingdom’s last hope – is already here, to fight and finally restore peace and order to Nostria. “

The game is currently available on all major gaming platforms, that is Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch e PC, and is configured as an excellent option if you are looking for a role-playing game that can give you dozens of hours of fun, including action, strategy and personalization.

It is undoubtedly an interesting project, and it shows how much the team has matured since the first chapter.

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