The iPhone 13 will be more expensive than its predecessors

L'iPhone 13 sarà più costoso dei suoi predecessori thumbnail

It was initially thought that, despite a number of improvements, Apple would not have increased the price of the iPhone 13, leaving it at last year’s level. But now a message has arrived that reveals that the increase in prices of the new smartphones “could not be avoided”.

Analysts blame TSMC, which has decided to raise the prices of its products.

Why Apple has raised the price of the iPhone 13

Recently the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing notified customersrising chip prices. The appreciable increase in the price of the 20% It applies to all technological processes. It appears that the new price list will take effect as of January 2022; however, these figures will also concern “orders scheduled to be processed starting from December”.

It is quite logical, then, that Apple includes the additional costs for the purchase of components in the overall cost of the new iPhones. The presentation of the new iPhone generation is expected to take place on September 14 and the company will begin to accept i pre-order on September 17th. Sales of the new iPhone 13 should start on September 24. The new devices should offer a reduced notch, display a 120-hertz e batteries with higher capacity.

The quarterly profit of Foxconn, headquartered in Taiwan, in the second quarter of this year exceeded expectations; this is thanks to the strong demand for high-tech products from partners like Apple. Due to the pandemic, people prefer to interact remotely and to do so they need more and more adequate technologies.

The net profit of the Taiwanese producer for April-June this year amounts to 1.07 billion dollars; there was an increase of 30% compared to the second quarter of last year. This exceeds the forecasts of analysts, who expected indicators in the region of 934 million dollars. The company’s revenue for the specified period grew by 20% compared to last year.

According to the head of the company, David Huang, the growth “is mainly due to the strong demand for smartphones“. Huang went on to say: “According to other company representatives, the pandemic situation in Asia could get worse; so it’s worth waiting and seeing how this affects the supply chain. It is possible that the chip shortage could last until the second quarter of 2022 but this will have “very little” impact on Foxconn, as many of the company’s customers are among “first level” producers with a powerful leverage on partners.

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