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Klarna App launches Loyalty Cards feature

Klarna announces the new feature “Loyalty cards” of the Klarna App. The new feature allows you to archive and access the digital version of your loyalty cards. So you can collect points and reap the benefits with great ease.

Klarna App introduces the Loyalty Cards feature

Thank you upon the acquisition in 2021 of Stocard, the integration of loyalty cards is truly complete. In fact, the feature supports over 8,000 loyalty programs worldwide. Whether looking to accumulate points in the world of clothing or beauty, up to technology and food, great savings opportunities for everyone.

The Stocard Loyalty Observatory has assessed that in the last 4 years in Italy the use of loyalty cards increased by 27%. A tool that consumers like and benefits retailers. But the physical card ‘weighs’ in your pocket. Over a quarter (26%) of users in the past have avoided signing up for a loyalty program because they didn’t want the physical card. And almost half (49%) do not carry them with them.

The new “Loyalty Cards” feature in the Klarna App solves this problem: you get all your cards directly from the Klarna App, without ever losing points or benefits again.

Points and discounts on your smartphone

Björn Goss, Product Director at Klarna and Founder at Stocard, said: “Physical loyalty cards are an inconvenience in today’s digital world and are therefore often left at home, resulting in consumers losing perks and merchants the opportunity to strengthen brand loyalty. By offering users a digital space on the Klarna App to collect loyalty cards, we allow them to more conveniently leverage the benefits of their in-store purchases, helping to ensure that every penny they spend has a return. “

How does the “Loyalty Cards” section of the Klarna App work?

From the homepage of the Klarna App you can immediately click on the icon “Loyalty cards“And choose”Add card”To see the complete list of supported brands and loyalty programs. If you don’t find what you want, you can also choose “Other carta”And manually enter the name of the merchant.

At this point you can scan the bar codee: this will create a digital copy of the card and store it in the “Loyalty cards“. Now just show it at the cashier to collect points or use discounts.

The “Loyalty cards” section is already active in 18 countries (Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States). And other countries will join in 2022.

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