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Pokémon GO Fest 2022, the Ultra Beasts are coming

All the coaches of Pokémon GO sare ready to celebrate during the GO Fest 2022 this summer, when lo and behold, gods are opening in the sky Ultravarchi in the sky. Over Berlin, Seattle and Sapporor come the Ultracreature, new creatures to challenge together. And to mark on your PokéDex.

But fans of the Niantic game can look forward to news, bonuses, events, and more. Pokémon GO Fest is now becoming one of the most anticipated gaming events in the world. The AR used to make friends with other coaches and get back together. Here are all the details that Niantic he told us at the press conference.

Pokémon GO Fest 2022, here are the Ultra Beasts and the events not to be missed

In a dedicated press event with Michael Steranka, live game director of Pokémon GO, we were able to find out all the details of the upcoming celebration. But before we even started, Steranka reminded us of Niantic’s short but very intense history of live events.

The summer of 2016 saw the launch of the game, which has conquered everyone in no time. So much so that users have started organize events independently: two thousand players in Sydney, five thousand in Chicago. Pokémon Go is an AR game that is great for socializing andl GO Fest del 2017 a Chicago he proved it. Over 20,000 players participated, too many to manage to play at their best. Steranka recalls how Niantic compensated attendees, also giving in-game credits and the legendary Lugia. And have learned from their mistakes.

But the company learned from that event, as the events of the 2018 and the many participants from Chicago, Dortmund and Yokohama in 2019: beyond 300 thousand in totalfor nearly $ 300 million in revenue for cities.

The pandemic forced the events of 2020 to be kept digitally, with kit home-made to celebrate together, while in 2021 there were 21 cities scattered around the world to limit the number of participants. But with the 2022, Pokémon GO Fest wants to return in stylealso thanks to ultra bestie.

Berlin, Seattle and Sapporo: each city will have its own Ultra Beast

The celebrations for this year have already begun, during the global Pokémon GO Fest, which allows everyone to participate, even those who for various reasons cannot move and reach the places of the events. And on the occasion of this first party, we met the first Ultracreature: Nihile, a Veleno/Roccia Pokémon really original.

But it’s not the only Ultra Beast that the Ultravarchs have passed. In fact you can find:

  • A Berlin Pheromosa, from 1st July until 3rd July al Britz garden
  • A Seattle there is Buzzwole (which Steranka says is her favorite), from 22nd July to 24th Julywith a double event in the park in the morning and in the city in the afternoon
  • Infine, a Sapporo there is Xurkitreedto 5 to 7 Augustalso in this case with the event first in the park and then in the city

Tickets are available right now at the addresses in the links on the name of the cities. And to help you capture these Ultra Beasts, Rhi from the GO Ultra Patrol has created a limited number of UC Ball (Beast Ball), which will be a special prize of each event.

Furthermore, Niantic confirmed that the 27 August 2022 ci will be the final event of Pokémon GO Fest, with more details coming soon. We will keep you informed!

Pokémon GO Fest 2022: event bonuses

Trainers with event tickets during event hours on the day of the ticket will have these bonuses:

  • Distance to hatch halved of the Eggsa
  • Take one photo at the event for one surprise!
  • Event-themed field research available
  • Themed stickers ewind by turning Pokéstops and opening friendship packs
  • Confetti on the game map.

For Trainers in Seattle and Sapporo, they only come during the park experience:

  • Four additional special operations for up to six for the day
  • Exchanges made will require less stardust
  • Four collection challenges, themed for the habitats of the park

Instead they will be available during the event in the City (always for those attending in Berlin):

  • As far as nine raid tickets total daily by turning the photo discs in the gym
  • Le Team GO Rocket balloons they will appear more often and you will earn double the mystery components

And exclusive Pokémon!

You can also catch Pokémon that are not ‘Ultra‘, albeit special during the event. In fact you can find one Snorlax wild with a hat from cowboy. Or the Unown A, B, E, L, R, S, T e U. There is also the possibility that they are chromatic.

In short, the news for this summer are many for those who participate in Pokémon GO Fest 2022. Will you be there live, maybe in Berlin? Let us know in the comments.

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