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Knights of the zodiac: new trailer and release date

Knights of the zodiac (Saint Seya) is the new live action film of the anime The knights of the zodiac, of which we can see its new trailer and find out the release date

Knights of the zodiac – The beginning is the new live action of the historic anime TV series The knights of the zodiac, aired in Japan and Italy not only with the episodes, but also with various OAVs or films related to each season.

This is a second attempt at live action starring Mackenyu, which we will also see in another Japanese anime, in particular the live action of One Piece which will be produced by Netflix. In this new live action never made on the pirate TV series, he plays Zoro, while in the new film on the Knights of the Zodiac, Seya or Pegasus will be the protagonist for those who have always followed him in Italy.

Knights of the zodiac: the new trailer of the anime The knights of the zodiac

Together with the trailer, the distribution house which in Japan is Toei Animation and in Italy will be Sony, also announced the official release date in Japanese territory, or April 28, 2023. In Italy, the official release date is not yet known, so we will probably have to wait a few more months.

However, there is great expectation for this live-action above all because the previous one had not been very successful, indeed many criticisms because it moved away a lot from the original anime series.

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