Knockout City: Season 3 in glitch style

Velan Studio and EA Originals have announced the details of Season 3 of Knockout City, with numerous news for dodgebrawlers

A certain Z3R0 emerges from the streets of Knockout City, reporting a single message: “Our city, our rules. Start of the fight “. Season 3 scheduled for this fall in Knockout City brings heavy clouds covering the city, and one virtual style. With the name of H@CKeD, will lead players to a prison on a small rocky island. Although the prison had been abandoned for years, still appears strangely alive, as if it was caused by someone… or something. It also introduces the Brawl Pass, which will allow you to level up or unlock exclusive items. The launch trailer is visible below:

The new in-game content of Season 3 of Knockout City

So let’s take a look at the main news of this new season of the EA title:

  • The Brawl-Step: The Brawl-Pass ha 100 levels with unique rewards, unlockable when you finish matches, earn XP and complete i Brawl-Pass Contracts. There will be 6 new contracts weekly, each rewarding with a Brawl-Pass level. Three of them are free, and three more are Premium. In addition, a seventh Contract which will last the whole Season will give Brawl-Pass levels as you get more and more XP. Also with the Brawl-Pass, eleven broadcasts, calls will be unlockable Communicated from Deep Space, which came directly from the DJ to the Moon. The audio broadcast will give information on what is happening between the Radio Pirata DJ and the mysterious Z3R0.
  • 4 Brand New Playlists and Events: There will be new modes, and twists in existing ones. These events will award Holobux, XP, or tickets to be used to purchase cosmetics in the event shop. Additionally, Season 3 will kick off with an event that will reward fino a 1500 Holobux for the completion of the Contracts.
  • Weekly contracts with 18 new exclusive Cosmetic Rewards: Players can explore the new Cosmetics for the Crew. In addition, new Weekly Brawl-Pass Contracts are planned, and new Training and Contract Levels are around every corner.

Knockout City: Season 3 in glitch style

  • La mappa Lockdown Throwdown: Spotlight Drones patrol the prison, and any brawler that stumbles upon their path will activate a Security Turret that opens to fire a Cage Ball towards the playerThis can be used to gain an advantage over an opponent.
  • New Additional Content: The wearable items will mirror the noir and technological air of the city, with Cosmetics with hi-tech vibrations. There will be four new player voices that will rotate within the shop, and will consist of a glitchy-sounding Z3R0 voice, a street hard voice for those with a past to leave behind, or a Sweet or Cheeky voice.
  • Vehicles: Motorcycles will be added, with different styles unlockable by completing contracts or leveling the Brawl-Pass. There will also be the Crew Customization and a personal Horn Crew, which can be a simple sound up to unforgettable songs.
  • The Knockout City League mode change: The League mode will be changed in Season 3, with the inclusion of Team Elimination in place of Team KO, a rework of the SKill Rating and much more. There will also be brand new, unprecedented rewards.

The update will be available from the early afternoon of Tuesday 5th October. We remind you that on our website there are other interesting news regarding Knockout City, while if you want discounted games, visit the Instant Gaming store.

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