Kojima Productions is hunting staff

Headhunters looking for twenty-five people: Kojima Productions staff search reveals new project on the horizon

Fresh from the announcement of the director’s cut of one of the most loved games (and discussed in equal measure), the guys from Kojima Productions are looking for staff. The twenty-five vacancies, as stated in the post that we will report below, await as many emerging talents in Tokyo. The new project in the development phase it therefore brings with it an expansion of the already talented development team, but although the offer is open to all, knowledge of Japanese “at the business level” is a must. Open positions consist of roles for designers, artists, programmers and, even more invitingly, programmers.

Recruiting: a project by Kojima Productions

Before Kojima Productions’ new project was revealed, some of the existing staff hinted that something was boiling in the pot. We refer to the audio director Ludvig Forssell, which has revealed that it is working on new projects not yet announced. However, it was later discovered that the new game has nothing to do with the development team; for all we know, it could be Abandoned, equally unrelated to the entourage of the Japanese filmmaker. As much as the web likes to believe otherwise.

Speaking of clues, there have been plenty of them since Death Stranding’s release in November 2019, when Kojima revealed he was in the middle of a horror movie marathon. Nothing has been done about his dream of “creating a revolutionary horror” following this marathon. However, considering that Kojima spoke expressly of a defunct project, it is clear that it was the good soul of Silent Hills. Meanwhile, Norman Reedus talked about an upcoming project, which we now know to be Death Stranding: Director’s Cut. Kojima is still fantasizing about other shores, including smaller digital titles and experiments with the cloud.

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