Konami: According to a rumor, Castlevania, Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill will return

According to a rumor, Konami has finished taking a run: Castlevania, Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill seem ready to return!

In a news of the last hour (for the series “it was even now”), a rumor is meandering sinuously on the web in favor of the long-awaited return of Konami: we may review soon Castlevania, Metal Gear (Solid) e Silent Hill. After a long time, therefore, we could see the Belmont and Solid Snake peeking out even outside of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. We owe this good (potential) news to Andy Robinson from VideoGamesChronicle, according to which the publisher could return to the limelight after the … not optimal change of direction seen in 2018 with Metal Gear Survive.

With the rumor about Konami, Castlevania and Metal Gear Solid return from a reality so malignant “that in comparison Silent Hill resembles Mickey Mouse”

Apparently, therefore, the rumor asserts that Konami is keeping an eye on the possibility of returning with Silent Hill in pole position (thanks to the partnership with Bloober Team), while Metal Gear and Castlevania are firmly in the rear seats. Andy Robinson supported the rumors that have been circulating for months. His tweet highlights potential details about the projects and their development. What has emerged shows that Konami is trying to unearth some of the largest intellectual properties in its possession. Among them, a new Castlevania apparently stands out already in development with the help of second parties.

As for Metal Gear, the rumor indicates that it is a remake of Snake Eater and not the PS1 title as the previous rumors suggest. Apparently, the reins of development appear to be in the hands of Virtuoso. The studio is known for Dark Souls and The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch, as well as for giving outside help for Battlefield 1 and Horizon Zero Dawn. In a climate favored by the release of Castlevania Advance Collection, moreover, it seems that we can expect a remaster of the Solid series in view of the remake. This item has the support of David Hayter (Snake’s voice). The involvement of Bluepoint Games following the acquisition by Sony is instead denied.

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