Kukirin G2 Max: a scooter beast to move in any terrain

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The new Kukirin G2 Max is not the usual electric scooter, it is something special: powerful, fast and even equipped with a removable seat

You know the electric scooter, how do you usually imagine it? Here, forget it and get involved in a spectacular product like Kukirin G2 Max. Closer than ever to a scooter in terms of practicality and comfort, but with all the fun you would expect from a means of transport like this.

Up to 80 kilometers of road with a single charge for your travels in the city or your adventures on dirt roads and alternative routes (always in safety, it is essential!). A product that, on balance, will immediately allow you to start avoiding the use of cars and motorcycles and – consequently – to save gasoline. A electric charging it will never cost as much as the fuel it takes to run 80 km in the car. Plus, you avoid traffic and the need to search for parking.

Thanks to a greedy discount given by Geekmall’s friends, you can make an exceptional deal and take home this concentrate of technology for just € 899.99 instead of € 949.99: free and fast shipping from European warehouse. By paying with PayPal, you can divide your purchase into 3 monthly interest-free installments or additional costs.

Kukirin G2 Max: a scooter beast to move in any terrain

A spectacular electric scooter: it’s Kukirin G2 Max and it’s on sale

Unparalleled build quality, with particular attention to detail: it is they who make the difference and allow you to have a crazy means of transport with different personalities in your hands. If you need to use it in city, you can use it without problems to move around avoiding traffic. But taking it out, in countryside or dirt roads, you can have fun like you would never think of doing with a common electric scooter. In fact, it’s also designed for that: for fun.

Designed to adapt to virtually any need, just think that it is equipped with very practical saddle to travel comfortably. When it’s not needed, you can take it apart and store it in no time.

Kukirin G2 Max: a scooter beast to move in any terrain

Super safe to use, this little gem is equipped with:

  • a 6-spot night lighting system;
  • disk brakes;
  • 10 ″ tires also designed for off-road use;
  • handlebar height adjustment;
  • 4-arm front and rear shock absorbers;
  • footboard with non-slip coating, so that the feet are always firmly in place.

Compare it to any other more famous model, you will realize that many of these features are absent. The large battery and the powerful 1000 W motor, guarantee you can cover up to 80 km on a single charge. You can reach one maximum speed of 55km / h (strictly respect the limits set by the highway code when using this means of transport!).

Finally, this small concentrate of technology is also equipped with on-board computer, housed in the center of the handlebar: everything will always be under control. When not needed, yours electric scooter you will not have to leave it in the street, with the risk that it will be stolen. You can fold it in an instant and take it with you: at home, in the office and even on public transport.

Kukirin G2 Max: a scooter beast to move in any terrain

The promotion

Forget the other models and choose the top now, taking advantage of excellent discounts offered by Geekmall. Con Kukirin G2 Max you move in peace in the city and do some fun off-road vehicle in your free time. Complete your order quickly to take it home for € 899.99 instead of € 949.99. Shipments, fast and free, depart from the European warehouse.