Kumasi EP6, the sustainable and resistant bamboo cargo e-bike

Kumasi EP6, la cargo e-bike in bamboo sostenibile e resistente thumbnail

Sustainable mobility is added Kumasi EP6the cargo e-bike by My Boo made in bamboo. The builder tedesco currently puts on the market the most environmentally friendly cargo bicycle ever.

Small note: the bicycles cargo are among the means from Work more widespread in Europa. Even entire families choose them to replace combustion vehicles, to get around the city and also for travelling.

In Italy, post-pandemic work bikes have become the symbol of many Km0 companies or there are those who choose them for practicality in daily transport.

Kumasi EP6, the bamboo cargo e-bike

The electric cargo bike Kumasi EP6is the cargo e-bike from the German bicycle company My Boo. The builder designed and built the vehicle with a chassis made in composite of bamboo and linen.

Kumasi EP6, My Boo’s cargo e-bike made of bamboo, source official website

An even more aware and sustainable choice is the origin of the material. My Boo buys his bamboo dal Ghana and transforms it into a handy and practical pedelec. This is capable of carrying heavy loads, being the means of transport for the whole family, including taking the children to school or elsewhere.

Surely, the bamboo it is not one of materials Of punta in the construction of bicycles and e-bikes. But some manufacturers, in recent years, have used and worked on it to the point that it has become indispensable and a strong point of the brand.

Kumasi EP6, the advantages of the cargo e-bike bamboo

A cargo bike can support a lot of weight. It must be light, easy to handle and ready to go up and down. Here is My Boo, who has been working on this prototype for over two years, which he has recently put up for pre-order on the dedicated website.

The cargo e-bike Kumasi EP6 ha i segments tubular Of bamboo connected to each other via hubs. These made with a composite based lino naturalrather than the sisal fibers finished with resin also used for other models from My Boo.

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The manufacturer points out, that the bamboo harvest in Ghana it happens in a way sustainable. Here, it grows without the use of chemicals or fertilizers.

Kumasi EP6, My Boo's cargo e-bike made of bamboo, source official websiteKumasi EP6, My Boo’s cargo e-bike made of bamboo, source official website

Kumasi EP6, the assembly process of the bamboo frame of the cargo e-bike

Once you have collected the bambooThe craftsmen locals they dry and treat the material. Subsequently we move on to the custom cut and assembly phase. The composite Of lino and gets through a process simile at the fiber Of carbon. Where do you give cinque garlic otto layers of tissue Of lino I am impregnated Of resin.

So these are molded around the bamboo e smoothed outto get a finish clean. Il chassis then comes envoy to the establishment of My Boo a LikeGermany, for final assembly into a complete bicycle.

Bamboo frames are designed to be stronger than traditional metal forgings combined with a shock-softening moisture similar to carbon fiber. This combination of features could prove even more useful in the future when carrying a heavy load.

Also, the bamboo chassis isn’t the most striking part of the Kumasi EP6.

Kumasi EP6, My Boo's cargo e bike made of bamboo, source official websiteKumasi EP6, My Boo’s cargo e bike made of bamboo, source official website

Kumasi EP6, the technical characteristics

Technology and practicality, My Boo uses a innovative belt drive system it’s a modular transport box. Kumasi Ep6 many il EP6 engine, Shimano Steps EP6 da 85 Nm and 10 gears. There drums And Shimanois inserted along the down tube and is from 630 Wh.

On the balance the e-cargo bike pesa 190 kg which 44 kg I’m just there drums. The security system is entrusted to the brakes a disco plumbers Shimano MT400 4 pistons. While the suspension fork is SR SF20 MOBIE Suntour SF20.

It also has a headlight Supernova Mini 2 with reflector, taillight B&M fixed in the fender. The tires are Pickup Schwalbefront: 60-406, rear: 60-559.

The glam touch is given by knobs and the saddle that I am Ergon GP10, Selle Royal Essenza saddle. The modular transport box with a loading area of ​​65 cm (configuration options follow).

Kumasi EP6, My Boo's cargo e bike made of bamboo, source official websiteKumasi EP6, My Boo’s cargo e-bike made of bamboo, source official website

Kumasi EP6, the always connected cargo e-bike

More security with my Boo “track and protect”. All e-bikes can be equipped with GPS and movement trackers. With the associated app and an alarm function, you always know that your bike is still where you parked it. Plus, it gives you driving stats and even an emergency assistant, as well as a replacement warranty in case of theft.

Kumasi EP6, info and costs

My Boo is selling the Kumasi EP6 e-cargo bike model starting at €7,999 (about US$8,775). It is possible to pre-order the vehicle on the dedicated website and deliveries are expected as early as the summer.