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“L”, JBL’s most iconic series updates to the MKII version

The L100 loudspeaker, since its introduction over 40 years ago, has been an iconic product of the JBL brand and has been one of the best-selling and most widespread loudspeakers in the Hi-Fi market

An authentic symbol, which over the years has kept its appearance unchanged thanks to the recognizable Quadrex foam grille available in orange, blue or black.

"L", JBL

Sound icon: L100 by JBL

A significant transformation had already been made in 2019, achieving considerable success among the public.

This new MKII versionwhich is even offered at a lower price than the previous range, concerns the L100 and L82 models (while the L52 model has only undergone a price adjustment) and brings further improvements to the already extraordinary performance of the design presented four years ago, introducing several optimizations.

I new speakers, with a woofer da 30 cm for the model L100 it’s yes 20 cm for the L82feature an updated structure to improve their linearity and further reduce distortion.

Il tweeter The 25mm titanium dome shared by both models and the L100’s 12.5cm midrange cone have undergone further refinements to ensure superior performance.

Another significant change for audio enthusiasts concerns the updated crossover, which now offers dual inputs and finally allows bi-wiring or bi-amping, thanks to the new gold-plated binding posts that can accommodate a greater number of sections of cable or terminals.

The rest of the aesthetic remains unchanged from four years ago, with its iconic vintage style and walnut finish, along with the unmistakable foam grilles Quadrex.

The metal bases JS-80 for the L82 and JS-120 for the L100 remain unchanged, necessary to correctly position the speakers in the room and to adjust the inclination in order to direct the sound towards the listener.

Here are the prices:

Couple of L52: 1090 €
Couple of L82 MKII: 2500 euro
Couple of L100 MKII: 5000 euro

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