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Lady Oscar: available on Prime video from September

Great news in the Prime Video catalog from September, especially for nostalgics and anime lovers who will soon be able to see Lady Oscar in all her episodes

The month of August ends with great news for all fans of anime and cartoons, especially the most nostalgic and this news concerns the famous Lady Oscar. The Japanese cartoon to which we dedicated an episode of our Sunday morning Anime Breakfast section, is about to arrive on Prime Video, from September 1, available in all its episodes.

Lady Oscar: available on Prime video from September

In our column we recalled the cartoon close to the day of celebration of the French revolution with the Bastille Day, which for lovers of the cartoon Lady Oscar is a date that recalls the dramatic events of the last few episodes. The animated series is in fact centered on the story of Oscar, a woman in command of the Royal Guard of France, at the behest of her father. Her father, the Military General wanted precisely a male to continue his lineage in the military profession and thus decided to make everyone believe that her daughter was a man, training her in the arts of combat.

The series will finally be available on demand and is perfect for a nostalgia marathon and also to bring the new generations closer to this type of animation and storytelling, which mixes drama with historical narration. Moreover, as happened for many Japanese animation series that arrived in Italy, Lady Oscar was also the victim of many censorships in its Italian programming in the 90s. Its presence on Prime Video will allow the public to be able to see it in full without censorship or cuts and for many it will therefore be the first time.

Together with Lady Oscar, it is available on Prime Video from 1 September another great anime and it comes to City Hunter, which marked the early 90s. With these choices, Prime Video is always very close to the world of animation and its serial products and the hope is that it can continue in this direction, expanding the catalog even more.

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