Lancia 2024: grand return or déjà vu?

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The historic Lancia brand, long since reduced to just the Ypsilon, seems to have returned to the attention of Stellantis and the public. What will be his near future? Let’s find out together!

One might think that the “Ypsilon brand” has now definitively lost its lustre. The sporting successes of are definitely light years away Delta, Stratos, 037 e S4. Even the days of the Tema or Thesis seem to belong to a bygone era. However the fact of produce a single model it was not enough to decree the end of a story more than a century long.

Leaving aside the unfortunate episode of the Lancia-Chrysler, the only survivor who has carried on such a glorious name over the years was the little one of the house. A great little utility car which has never disappointed its loyal and loyal customers over time.

A testimony on four wheels of the potential of a brand, icon of style and refinement, which has survived since time immemorial thanks to a single model combined with the indelible memory of its deeds. It’s worth saying, a more unique than rare example! However, something could finally change for the better.

Lancia 2024: grand return or déjà vu?

Lancia, a full electric future

A fundamental part of Lancia’s important relaunch plan will certainly be its repositioning as a brand EV manufacturer. Although initially it will continue to assemble hybrid cars, the brand could boast a range of fully electric models as early as 2026 and obviously characterized by refined and particular style that has always characterized him.

There will be three models that should restart the historic Turin brand, starting from the new Ypsilon which will be the first to see the light already in 2024. At the moment there are still no official previews regarding the design of the cars but we can hypothesize that, with the necessary adaptations, they will follow the stylistic course inaugurated by Pu+RA Zero by Pu+Ra HPE.

A design that is certainly more modern and in line with the tastes of today’s customers, which will have to help Lancia to clear (again) its image among customers who are no longer accustomed to considering the home as a manufacturer of cars of a certain level. In fact, it is not enough to have a particular and “different” project to be successful, Thesis docet.

Lancia 2024: grand return or déjà vu?

New Ypsilon: innovation that embraces the past

It is difficult to explain to customers how a car like the Ypsilon is no longer in line with the demands of tomorrow’s market. In fact Lancia doesn’t do it and on the contrary proposes it again, this time though in crossover version.

It will be around four meters long, thus favoring internal habitability and the capacity of the load compartment: an element that will certainly help the sales of the new model. Coming instead to the mechanics, all the details are not yet known, but in all likelihood the model will share the same base as the Fiat 600 and Jeep Avenger (of PSA origin).

The engines should be those already seen on other models of the group: we can therefore expect a 156 HP electric motorequipped with a 54 kWh battery, and a mild hybrid 1.2 da 100 CV with 21 kW accumulator. As already mentioned, the hybrid versions should be set aside in favor of the electric as early as 2026 but frankly it seems like an ambitious goal to say the least.

It will be crucial to clarify the brand relaunch strategy public appreciation: style and ecology are welcome but pragmatism and a strong personality will also be fundamental to regain the market.

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