Lancia becomes an electric car brand

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Lancia changes identity: the historic Italian brand change soon and reinvents itself as a group that will specialize on electric cars. In the plan of the brand part of the group Stellar there is the launch of three full electric vehicles between 2024 and 2028: a new Ypsilona new Delta it’s a “flagship“, whose name we do not yet know. The company also changed its logo for the eighth time in its 116-year history.

Lancia changes its logo and becomes an electric car brand

Stellantis includes several historic brands in the automotive world: Fiat, Chrysler, Citroën, Vauxhall e Peugeot. Each with its own peculiarities. Lancia, a brand famous above all for the Ypsilon, has decided to specialize in the production of electric vehicles.

The need to reinvent itself was there: at the moment Lancia sells the Ypsilon, a historic model, only in Italy. But the presentation made by the brand seems really ambitious: not only did it present three cars in four years in the future and a new logo, it also presented a “three-dimensional manifesto“.

Luca Napolitano, CEO of the Lancia brand

Indeed, the CEO Luca Napolitano showed the sculpture “Lancia Pu+Ra Zero“, a “work of art in which the past and the future are in constant contact, in which elegance is balanced with the radile spirit of its forms”.

“Pu+Ra” wants to unite the adjectives “Pure and Radical“: a work of art which according to the Stellantis brand should represent the two values ​​at the basis of this change of pace (and logo).

The presentation did not go into detail regarding electric motors in cars. But they will probably be part of the project STLA for smaller electric cars used by Peugeot e-208 and Vauxhall Corsa Electric: one of the advantages of being part of a group that brings together many European brands.

The new Lancias should first arrive in Italy, and then expand into other European markets. And, at least in the brand’s projects, even beyond.

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