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Lancia’s electric future passes through Pu+Ra

The future of Lancia takes shape: the Pu+Ra concept unveiled. The manufacturer unveils the new teaser of the Pu+Ra Emotion. It is the electric concept that will anticipate the characteristics of the next models of the Turin brand. The move clearly aims to keep attention alive in view of the next April 15th.

On the occasion of Milan Design Week we see the vehicle. The moment is eagerly awaited by the Lancia enthusiasts because it could offer the opportunity to finally discover some concrete firsts on the cars arriving in the next few years, starting with the next generation of Ypsilon.

Lancia PuRa source LanciaLancia Pu+Ra Emotion, source Lancia

Now we await the poster. Design, sustainability, technology and electrification are the pillars of a renewal that will start right from the smallest of the range, expected in 2024 with hybrid mechanics. After Launch Ypsilon, let’s see the images of the car scheduled for 2026, and therefore of the new Lancia Delta (2028): both projected in an era in which the manufacturer will be mainly focused on the electric. The path of rebirth, therefore, is traced and will be summarized by a manifesto, the Pu+Ra Emotion.

Lancia Pu+Ra, this is how it’s made

Pu+Ra has an innovative circular roof which guarantees a panoramic view, managing the natural light coming from the outside in the best possible way. This elegant and refined element refers to the primitive and geometric forms typical of design Lancia and goes perfectly with the sensual lines of the side. At the rear, the concept features the iconic round headlightswhich refer to the more radical soul of the brand and to the legendary Stratos.

The new Lancia writing, positioned between the rear lights and created with an original and distinctive font, takes its inspiration from the world of fashion. On the rear window, some enveloping horizontal lines reinterpret, in a modern key, the famous Venetian sunshade structure of the Lancia Beta HPE of the 1970s, which refers to the concept of home feeling and the warm atmospheres of Italian residences, a sensation amplified by the large overall glazing of the car.

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