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Land Rover at the top of the added value ranking

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The brand Land Rover is in top of the residual value chart. Leasing, long-term rental, financing with guaranteed future value or classic purchase. In all sales systems, the residual value of the car becomes increasingly important. The monthly installment/fee or the customer’s trade-in value has a decisive influence on it when he wants to change his car.

It is in this sector that the challenge on the car market is being played out today. Propose a model that maintains its value over time. It is the key to offering a competitive product and a high level of service to customers. List price matters little. The real treasure, and the one most savvy motorists watch for, is the Residual value.

For this, the result of a survey just conducted by is particularly relevant Quattroruote Professional. According to which the recent models launched as part of the Group’s new “Modern Luxury” course (Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Defender). These are best in class in residual value processing. All and three car lines are positioned above the direct competitors thanks to a residual value, after 36 months, close to 60% of the initial value.

Land Rover climbs the residual value ranking

Defender, in addition, represents a real icon, not only of style, but also of value. There first Defender continues to see the prices of used cars in constant growth since the exit from the market. While the new version is best in class on residual value. With an advantage, compared to the average of the competition in its segment, of about 6 points.

Range Rover Evoque, always according to the analysis. Takes the top residual value position in its market segment. A result achieved thanks to the fact that after 36 months. The Evoque retains a resale value of over 70% of its initial value. And for the future the trend is constant, with the best results being the prerogative of the diesel engine. If this analysis is made on MHEV diesel engines, it must also be said that plug-in hybrids are going strong, given that after 36 months, the Phevs are positioned – both in the case of the Evoque and the Velar, the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport, of the Discovery Sport and the Defender, – just below the diesel versions.

The same goes for the brand’s flagship cars Jaguar (E-Pace, F-Pace) which, after the recent renewal of the range (restyling with complete change of the interior and the upgrade of connectivity/infotainment) have seen their residual value grow significantly on the used market: we are talking about 4,000 euros, equal to an increase of the quotation by 5-6 percentage points, compared to previous versions.

Jaguar F PACELand Rover tops residual value rankings

Not a small record which, in fact, makes the range Range Rover, Defender and some models Jaguars in high demand, by virtue of their ability to keep the value high In the tempo. In fact, when buying a new car, the “retention” of its prices on the second-hand market is one of the key elements to always take into consideration, especially if you need or like to change it quite frequently. Indeed, in all financial formulas, the commercial value higher than the surrender value is generally used as an advance for the purchase of the new car.

“Predicting the residual value after a certain period from the registration date – they explain to Quattroruote Professional – is one of the activities of our specialists. And to calculate this value, a complex statistical system was developed, divided into various phases, which can be summarized in two main moments. The first follows the trend of prices over time: starting from the information assets of our Publishing House, a model was created based on the technical and commercial characteristics of the cars, which identify their belonging to a group with a similar devaluation behaviour” .

“Then – they continue to Quattroruote Professional – a predictive system is used, which calculates the holding value of each individual car. The second stage, on the other hand, corrects the statistical forecasts on the basis of all the information that our analysts collect during meetings with industry experts, which come from the previews of the Manufacturers or which, in any case, are received from the market and reworked. This method – conclude the analysts from Rozzano – makes it possible to predict the residual value of a car from 6 to 60 months”.

And it is precisely in these rankings that the Jaguars and Range Rovers stand out. A primacy, the result of tangible and intangible values ​​that is achieved with different parameters of excellence, linked to the car and its use: from mileage, to on-board equipment, up to the design and the category to which the car itself belongs.

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