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Lanmodo Vast M1: the night vision system for cars

In this article we tell you about Lanmodo Vast M1, a night vision system for your car that will help you drive at night and when visibility is reduced. Let’s see the details!

The Lanmodo Vast M1 is one of the best night vision systems per car. It displays sharp color images that provide high quality, crystal clear and vivid night vision, greatly improving visibility in extremely dark environments and various weather conditions that can reduce visibility. Whether it is dark country roads or rainy urban roads, Lanmodo Vast M1 can greatly improve driving safety, saving lives from road accidents in hostile road conditions. The brand new Lanmodo Vast M1 night vision system is equipped with improved functions compared to the previous version: the anti-glare front camera, a wider field of view and a more flexible installation method make Vast M1 a professional all-round night vision dashcam.

Lanmodo Vast M1: the night vision system for cars

Lanmodo Vast M1: the characteristics

The night vision technology used in this dashcam combines the exclusive Sony CMOS sensor with F1.0 aperture and 7 optical elements lens, which helps achieve ultra-sharp night vision, greatly improving visibility in low-light environments. The advanced processing algorithms The images of this night vision camera generate clear images even in low visibility scenarios, which allow you to easily deal with hostile weather conditions and accompany the driving on rainy, snowy and foggy days.

High resolution images are presented on a large 8-inch screen and can provide the driver with excellent visibility. Also, what sets the Lanmodo Vast M1 apart as a night vision system is that, it not only makes everything clearer and brighter at night, but is also powerful enough to detect colors in the dark, which is especially useful when driving in dark environments. . Night vision systems that are sold as accessories cost thousands of dollars, but most of them lack color night vision images, making the Vast M1 highly competitive among high quality night vision systems.

Lanmodo Vast M1: the night vision system for cars

Better visibility and more

Our night vision system allows you to see almost like daylight even when driving at night, while the front camera’s 75 ° angle is wider than that of human sight. Although it is smaller than traditional dash cams, it allows you to see at a greater distance. The further and wider field of view is the visibility up to about 300 meters of Lanmodo Vast M1 allow shorter reaction times to avoid accidents, which could save lives if animals or pedestrians who could suddenly cross the road.

128GB memory can hold up to 28 hours of video, while the loop recording function will automatically delete old footage and replace it with the most recent recording, ensuring continuous monitoring of your parked car 24/7. The built-in acceleration sensor can detect collisions and freeze the footage of the car. accident, preventing the deletion of the movie. The separate design of the screen and the front camera allows 3 flexible installation methodswhich can meet different installation preferences and most types of vehicles.

Lanmodo Vast M1: the night vision system for cars

The anti-glare front camera Optimized of Lanmodo Vast M1 can substantially reduce distractions due to high beams. In fact, many systems tend to have difficulty in managing exposure with high beams, the opposite of Lanmodo Vast M1 which manages to perfectly manage even this extreme situation. The system also includes a rear view camera with night vision, making parking and driving in the dark much easier. The 170 ° wide angle and 1080p high resolution of the rear view camera offer 360 degree protection whether your car is speeding on the road or in a parking lot.

Seeing is believing, here is the official page to proceed with the purchase! That’s all from the electronic section, keep following us!

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