LastPass è stato hackerato ma i dati degli utenti sarebbero al sicuro thumbnail

LastPass was hacked but the passwords are safe

The popular LastPass password manager has confirmed that it has been hacked. The announcement arrived yesterday and in these hours it is becoming public domain. According to what was revealed by the CEO di LastPass, Karim Toubbathe password manager would have been hit by unauthorized access which led to the removal of “a portion of the source code and some proprietary technical information”. However, user data is safe.

LastPass hacked: data at risk for password manager users?

The hacker attack that hit the LastPass password manager was successful thanks to a developer account that had been compromise. The violation, according to initial analyzes, would have occurred about a couple of weeks ago. At the moment, the company said, there is no evidence of further breaches of LastPass servers. According to the information revealed to date, there would be no unauthorized access to customer data or encrypted password vaults.

LastPass also guaranteed that, thanks to the “zero knowledge” architecture, the company cannot know the passwords of users who, therefore, are safe from any hacker attacks. Further updates on the issue should arrive in the next few days. The guarantees provided by the company, however, can reassure the millions of users who have chosen to rely on LastPass for the management of their data. Passwords are safe.

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