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Does Amazon want to buy EA? What is happening

“Amazon buys EA”: a rumor too greedy not to repeat. But then comes the denialarrived from people close to the two companies: it seems we have no agreement ready to announce. So what’s going on between EA and Amazon? Is the shopping giant looking to buy one of the historical software houses in the world of video games?

Amazon buys EA, then denies it

The news comes from GLHF, a media company that deals with the world of videogames with authority. USA Today then reports the news immediately, because it’s sensational: Amazon acquista EA (Electronic Arts). One of the companies with the longest history in the world of video games, which has been launching flagship titles for decades.

The news did not have all this prominence only because of the sources that seem safe. For months now we have been talking about possibilities purchases by one of the main technological brands of Electronic Arts. Microsoft e Sony they have moved a lot in recent years and the impression is that from Apple to Google, and especially Amazon, the giants of Silicon Valley are watching the world of video games with interest.

ea amazon buyA combination of the two company logos

Also, the CEO of EA Andrew Wilson recently discussed the possibility of selling the company. Which as the CEO summarizes “is the greatest independent developer and publisher of interactive media around the world“. With a wealth of important titles and “a strong community of 600 million members “ it is clear that EA has enormous value. Amazon would have had to spend astronomical sums to buy a company like this.

How can you not report such news?

The denial

After a few hours, however, the denial arrives, by the voice of the expert of CNBC David Farber. “I’ve talked to people who would really know if there was something, and they say that nothing is happening “ Farber reports.

However, according to the reporter, EA is really looking to be acquired or merged with another company. He would have in fact contacted Comcast – NBC Universal for possible deal, that would unite the world of cinema and that of videogames. But nothing happened.

In the recent past we have also discussed the possibility that Apple o Disney acquired Electronic Arts. It seems that the software house executives are thrilled and want to find a buyer. Maybe even just to break the sales record of Microsoft con Activion-Blizzard, overwhelming that of Bungie per Sony and making you forget who theEmbracer Groupwhich is very active lately.

But the truth is that for the moment we don’t think an agreement is in sight. Perhaps Amazon is actually considering buying the company, also considering the many properties related to the gaming world it already owns (from Luna a Twitch). For the moment, however, no confirmation.

Don’t be surprised, however, if we will soon announce a colossal purchase: the passage of EA under another brand seems like one a question of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’.

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