Latin America: new film by the D’Innocenzo brothers

Latin America is the new film by the brothers Damiano and Fabio D’Innocenzo, highly profound, unexpected and sudden

America Latina is the third feature film by the director brothers Damiano and Fabio D’Innocenzo, a new film that will boldly be released in Italian cinemas, day January 13, 2022 , when the number of spectators at the national level plummets.

In fact, in this regard the Roman directors, such as the brothers Damiano and Fabio D’Innocenzo they commented saying:

Films and shows continued to be made even during the war. One cannot live sheltered. Pain is part of life itself

America Latina it is not exactly a light comedy with which to distract oneself from anxieties, worries and fear, but rather makes them come to the viewer, because it is a sought-after film object that is truly distressing.

And one of the brothers explains it well D’Innocenzo, Damiano starting like this:

The film Latin America is a thriller, an anthropological and human investigation, and has horror movie moments, we almost wanted to make a silent film

Latin America: new film by the D'Innocenzo brothers

Latin America: plot and cast of the film

he films America Latina is set in the Pontine plain between abandoned buildings and natural-industrial skeletons. And it presents itself with this villa with swimming pool and semi-circular blue staircase, an isolated space apparently fireproof to the fire of the surrounding world and the very evident but not ostentatious well-being of the dentist Maximum.

Maximum who is the protagonist of the story, played by Elio Germano, lives surrounded by the home with his sweet, silent, incisive and complacent, wife and daughters.

Two daughters, one teenager played by Sara Ciocca and the other just of age played by Carlotta Gamba. Both always dressed in light-colored clothes.

Maximum he alternates his time, between working as a dentist in his doctor’s office, and some evening drinks in the car between various fields with his trusted friend.

But one day he is suddenly attracted by a strange moan that comes from his own large cellar. It is like a whine that becomes more and more nagging, day by day more and more deafening. This causes him first to slip into a bad upset, towards family members, and friends. Then in an excited impatience of mania and madness.

America Latina, is a highly unpredictable film, and tangibly assiduous, lasting, and constant. Detail after detail flows, detail after detail, taking the viewer into a depth of the character’s own unconscious.

Latin America: what the D’Innocenzo brothers announce

The film was made straight away even without sacrificing study and precision, it shows an archetypal fear that is within us regardless of what happens or has happened. After all, life and fear are arm in arm with each other every day. Finally, Latin America is a personal film, and for us a personal film means a film that dialogues with everyone

Brothers D’Innocenzo they also explain:

the cinematographic language moves through images and sensations, and not necessarily through dialogue and jokes, we almost wanted to make a silent film. We wanted to strip the word. We always try to be meticulous in deciding what to put inside the painting and how. Each shot has been drawn down to the smallest detail

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