Layers of Fear: here is the release date for PSVR

Layers of Fear: here is the release date for PSVR

Bloober Team’s Layers of Fear PSVR release date revealed. Let’s find out all the details!

The success of the Polish developers of Bloober Team is now unstoppable. In recent years, exponential growth has enriched their catalog with a wide range of horror video games. In fact, there are numerous noteworthy releases among which Blair Witch, Observer and the most recent The Medium stand out. In addition to these, there is also another gem on the Bloober Team crown. We are talking about Layers of Fear, a first-person psychological horror released in 2016 and which is about to return to the fore with a new, revisited version for PSVR.

The release of Layers of Fear for PSVR is getting closer and closer

On the official Twitter page of Bloober Team, the post that every fan of Layers of Fear was waiting: the version for PSVR was confirmed along with his exit date. Unfortunately, other than this, nothing else has been revealed. The specific details regarding the gameplay and game modes remain in fact, to date, still a secret. What we do know, however, is that the new version of this terrifying psychological horror will keep the first person view, making the most of the potential of the VR PlayStation (of which, moreover, according to some rumors, it seems an improved version is coming).

Layers of Fear VR it will be available starting from now on April 29 and will be playable on PS5, only through compatibility with previous versions. Unfortunately, for the moment, it will not be possible to use the audio support PSVR native for the console, for which we will have to wait for the launch of the new generation headset.

Layers of Fear, which you can find along with much more on Instant Gaming, is currently available for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch e PC. With the hope that new details will arrive soon from Poland, we invite you to follow us on to stay up to date!

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