Samsung: the best value for money according to ITQF

Samsung: the best value for money according to ITQF

According to an important German body, Samsung is one of the companies with the best value for money in its products. The ITQF awarded TV, air conditioning, household appliances and the mobile division of the Korean company in the Top Quality-Price ranking 2021

An important recognition that Samsung obtained from the ITQF, theGerman Institute of Quality and Finance, which awarded the company in its annual Top Quality-Price 2021 ranking. Samsung wins four golds, positioning itself in the ranking among the Top 30 Italian companies for value for money: the company is in fact first in the standings with its Audio Video division, for the TV category, Climate Solutions, which deals with business and residential solutions in terms of air conditioning, with Home Appliances, i.e. the entire sector of household appliances that integrate innovation technology, comfort and connectivity to offer high-performance, design and smart devices, and with the mobile division for the smartphone and notebook categories.

Samsung: the best value for money according to ITQF

Samsung: the best value for money for consumers

The German Institute of Quality and Finance (ITQF), a European leader in quality surveys, conducts market surveys aimed at analyzing the economic and qualitative aspect of companies operating in various sectors. Every year the institute evaluates hundreds of companies, products and services with the aim of creating greater transparency and comparability. The surveys are not sponsored by the companies involved, are based on scientific methods and generate quality rankings. On this occasion he carried out a research based on a representative survey of the Italian population, collecting 870,000 customer reviews on 95 sectors of the Italian economy. From here, ITQF has drawn up the ranking of the 400 companies / brands with the Best Value for Money 2021.

Samsung’s success in the Top Quality-Price 2021 ranking confirms the Korean company’s commitment to offer highly innovative technologies that respond and anticipate customer needs. These concepts, in the home environment, translate into a vast proposal for living the home as a space for relaxation, entertainment and for the family, but also for work and study, according to the new meanings that this space has gradually taken on. in the last year. Let’s see what Samsung’s managers think. Bruno Marnati, Vice President Audio Video Samsung Electronics Italia, declares:

The growth of Samsung Electronics in the Audio Video sector is a success that is renewed from year to year, so much so that it has reached first place in the global TV market for the fifteenth consecutive year. This recognition by consumers, however, makes us particularly proud in a year in which the role of TV has transformed, becoming more and more fundamental and multifunctional, ranging from entertainment, to fitness and well-being, passing from work and study remotely, and in which important challenges await us, such as that of the switch off.

Daniele Grassi, Vice President Home Appliances Samsung Electronics Italia, says:

We are enthusiastic about this award, which we consider a recognition of the unanimous and continuous commitment of the company. Our appliances are representative of everything we believe in: innovation, design, connectivity and sustainability. I would add that for Samsung there is no innovation without quality: our product development processes first, and then production processes, are subjected to numerous quality controls, evidenced by the fact that there are multiple certifications from the most accredited Quality Institutes around the world. We want to change the lives of our consumers for the better through innovation and quality, and seeing how much customers appreciate our work is an incentive to continue on this path.

Ettore Jovane, Head of Air Conditioning Business Samsung Italy, comments on the first place of Samsung Climate Solutions:

We are very proud to have been awarded this award, which testifies to an important recognition of Samsung’s commitment to its customers and trust from the market. For us, air conditioning is summed up in three fundamental concepts: comfort, purification and connectivity, and we work on these assets to offer cutting-edge solutions. We have research and innovation in our DNA and we continue to invest to offer high-performance technologies and excellent quality. This award, conferred by the prestigious ITQF, which places us as the number 1 in the Air Conditioning segment, is the confirmation that the path started years ago, aimed at the continuous development and improvement of our products, is appreciated and recognized as a winner.

Paolo Bagnoli, Head of Marketing of the telephony division of Samsung Electronics Italia:

Over the last year, mobile devices have assumed an ever greater centrality in our lives, helping us to stay in touch with our loved ones, to study and work remotely, but also to entertain and stay informed. Like Samsung, we are committed to making smartphones and notebooks more and more performing, intelligent and accessible, to allow everyone to benefit from the most advanced technologies. With this recognition, Italian consumers have rewarded the high performance and innovative qualities of our devices, as well as the vast connected ecosystem that we make available to them to help them to fully live their passions and, at the same time, to realize their potential. in the workplace ”, concludes Paolo Bagnoli, Head of Marketing of the telephony division of Samsung Electronics Italia.

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