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Layers of Fear: revealed the release date of the title

Layers of Fear is back in the spotlight with a new game trailer that finally reveals the official release date

Bloober Team has finally provided an update on Layers of Fears, the next horror title in the Layers of Fear series which has been very successful since the release of the first chapter in 2016. Oddly the title was recently rinominato da Layers of Fears a Layers of Fear, which is also the name of the first game. The story involves exploring a lonely and ghostly lighthouse to discover never-before-told stories that presumably will be related to the events of the previous chapters.

Scary New Layers of Fear Trailer Reveals Release Date!

Instead of launching in early 2023, Layers of Fear’s new release date has been set for June and will release on Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC. Interestingly, Layers of Fear looks like an enhanced collection of Layers of Fear (2016), il DLC Inheritance e Layers of Fear 2giving the idea of ​​being some sort of soft reboot of the saga. Plus, there are new mechanics and horrors to experience and a new chapter,”The Final Note“, which will give a worthy conclusion to the saga.

This chapter is effectively from the point of view of the painter’s wife from the first game and further expands the story in new ways. As strange as it sounds, it fits the description given by one of the developers of the title. The game has been built on the basis of the previous installments of the franchise and serves as a reimagining of the overall narrative structure of the entire sagaconnecting them all together. Obviously, the graphics have been revised thanks to the Unreal Engine 5 with ray tracing, HDR, supporto 4K and more.

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