League of Legends: al Red Bull Factions trionfano i Macko Esports!

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The final of the historic League of Legends tournament, the Red Bull Factions, was held on Friday and saw Macko Esports triumphant, thus winning the Italian title

The eSports market in Italy (and even more in the world) is growing dramatically both in terms of follow-up and, purely, economically. Some time ago we gave you an overview of it more from the inside, interviewing Tony Tubo and the guys from eSport Revolution, but just look at how much has been followed the final of the Red Bull Factions which was held last Friday 4 November in Milan. A day that will remain in the annals for eSports fans and which again saw the protagonists of League of Legends and Red Bull, in collaboration with PG eSports. For a serious one, the highly anticipated final of the competition has transformed a historic location in Milan, La Pelota Jai ​​Alai, into an esports paradise. To challenge each other to the best of five, after more than a month of close fights that also involved amateur teams thanks to the Open Qualifiers, were the Atleta Esports and Macko Esports, two veteran teams of the competitive landscape that have already faced each other in the past.

This time, to better rule the Summoner’s Rift was the Macko Esports, who brought all their talent to the field and managed to exploit all the peculiarities of the Factions system. The Red Bull Factions, in fact, like almost all Red Bull competitions, represents an even more complex and unconventional challenge: players only have access to a limited pool of champions. They were therefore able to choose only characters belonging to two factions that characterize the universe in which League of Legends is set, limiting their possibilities and thus urging them to sharpen their wits to fully exploit all the characteristics of their champions, amalgamating strengths and of weakness. So it was also for this unmissable final, where Macko Esports managed to maintain control of the scene for most of the time, allowing only one match to certain opponents, the Atleta Esports, closing the evening with a 3 to 1 for the Macko.

Macko Esports triumph in the Red Bull Factions final: the live event was spectacular!

Hundreds of live participants filled the large location, finding professional cosplayers and exceptional pro players waiting for them, but also the most loved casters by fans such as veterans KenRhen and Terenas, Moonboy, Etrurian and Juannetti, accompanied by expert analysts Wolcat. , Juniper and Counter6. The real icing on the cake was the remote participation of Brizz: the coach of the AnC Outplayed team and well-known pro-player, a real innovator of the way to play League of Legends, was in fact the official co-streamer of the event. In short, the Red Bull Factions and its final are once again confirmed as an essential appointment for all fans, a true classic of the export scene, thanks also to its exclusive mode that by now, now in its sixth edition, fans have learned. to appreciate. The support of technology partners Intel and Acer was also fundamental, providing gamers with the ideal hardware for their needs.

The final of the Red Bull Factions, which saw Macko Esports as protagonists, therefore consolidates even more the importance of the city of Milan as the nerve center of export, thanks to the increasingly numerous and impressive live finals, the great proplayers and casters , but above all for its ability to welcome the hundreds of fans who rediscover the special atmosphere of a real event dedicated to them. And you? Did you watch the Red Bull Factions final? Let us know below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news, guides and reviews on gaming and tech themes! And if you are interested in game keys at affordable prices, we recommend that you take a look at the InstantGaming catalog!