League of Legends: LG launches tournament to decide the best amateur team in Europe

League of Legends: LG launches tournament to decide the best amateur team in Europe

LG Electronics lancia “LG UltraGear EU Server Clash“, a tournament that will see the best amateur teams from League of Legends in Europe compete to become European champions.

UltraGear EU Server Clash promotes gaming

The South Korean multinational is an official partner of the LEC (League of Legends European Championship), promoting the professional league and top teams with the magnificent monitor da gaming LG UltraGear™.

In this regard, LG has launched the European tournament UltraGear Server Clashto give the amateur League of Legends players present in Europe the opportunity to become champions of the Old Continent, challenging each other on the big stage of the LEC Studios.

LG, already from the current month, will manage a Discord channel to allow gamers aged 18 or over and without previous experience in professional leagues to form teams and register for the European Clash.

The qualifying race is scheduled for December 7 and teams will be split into two regional servers (Western Europe and Northern and Eastern Europe) for the online preliminary rounds.

The two best teams of each server will then have to present themselves at the LEC Studios in Berino (Germany) to try to win the title of European champions at the LG UltraGear EU Server Clash.

LG has also thought about the prizes that the four finalist teams will receive, including the LG UltraGear gaming monitor. The appointment for the final is scheduled for next January.

For the more curious, we refer you to the account Twitter official LG UltraGear.

Let’s talk about League of Legends

League of Legends, more commonly abbreviated to LOLis a genre online game MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), developed and published by Riot Games.

In LOL, players are called Summoners. Each Summoner controls a Champion, which is a character with particular special abilities. In all, LOL has 161 Champions, each with their own abilities and unique aspects.

The goal is to travel the playing field making as many points as possible, until you get to destroy the so-called “objective structure” of the opponents.

Not only MOBA and fantasy, therefore. LOL is also confirmed as a strategy game, which has been gathering fans from everywhere since its debut way back in 2009.

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