Oneplus, Oppo and Qualcomm together for the development of ray-tracing technology

Oneplus, Oppo e Qualcomm insieme per lo sviluppo della tecnologia ray-tracing thumbnail

The new technology ray-tracing was developed by OnePlus in collaboration with Oppo e Qualcomm and it is already confirmed as the mobile gaming revolution.

Ray-tracing allo Snapdragon Summit 2022

Oppo, OnePlus and Qualcomm Technologies Inc presented at Snapdragon Summit 2022 ray-tracing, which will soon arrive on Snapdragon® Gen 22 Mobile Platform. In fact, mobile gaming has reached high peaks of popularity, which push players to want unforgettable gaming experiences even on their smartphones, with ever faster and more fluid gaming hardware.

For this reason, the three multinationals have joined forces, analyzing in which game scenarios ray-tracing could be more suitable.

Ray tracing should simulate the effects of reflection and refraction ericreate realistic light and shadow effects. Of course, a similar technology requires high-end hardware equipped with considerable computing power and all this could create obstacles since we are talking about a smartphone with limited space.

OnePlus tries to offer its fans quality products for an experience that is always fast and smooth,” he declared Kinder Liu, COO and head of research and development of OnePlus. “Thanks to our co-creation community, we are able to listen to the needs and desires of gaming enthusiasts and leverage this knowledge for our research and development. The introduction of ray-tracing technology for mobile devices will help us provide mobile gaming enthusiasts with an even more fluid and immersive gaming experience“.

For ray-tracing, the collaboration between OnePlus and Oppo has been fruitful

Aware of the challenges that awaited them, OnePlus actively collaborated with Oppo engineers to apply ray tracing on mobile devices, successfully overcoming every obstacle.

Mobile ray tracing technology improve the graphics of the games and opens up new opportunities for creators of audio, autonomous driving and virtual reality content. In addition, the developers will save considerably over time in creating the most realistic shadows possible, as thanks to this new and revolutionary technology they will be able to add realistic effects with a single click.

The importance of this creation prompted the three companies to want to continue their collaboration, to discover the further potential of mobile ray-tracing and develop new technologies capable of giving unforgettable gaming experiences even on smartphones.