Leasys announces its electrification strategy

I nuovi obiettivi a medio e lungo termine di Leasys: il futuro è elettrico thumbnail

As part of its electric mobility revolution project, Leasys sets itself new goals for a more sustainable market.

Leasys looks to an increasingly electrified future

Fully electric, flexible and environmentally friendly. These are the keywords of the near future of registered mobility Leasys, leader in long-term rental in Italy and among the first in Europe. In fact, the brand aims, by 2024, to complete the “electric mobility revolution “. This is a project that was inaugurated more than a year ago. So here is that the company, brand Stellantis and controlled by FCA Bank, announces his electrification strategy and the development plan for the next few years.

Particularly, by 2024 Leasys’ short term fleet will be composed of al 75% from electric and plug-in hybrid cars. While a milestone of the 100% it is expected by 2027. In the same year, the company will come to count an overall fleet of long, medium and short term over 500,000 units. Within three years from now they will also be tripled the 1000 electric charging points fast charge present in Europe. In total they will be over 3,000 in the 12 countries where Leasys is active: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Holland, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom and Spain.

In addition to involving Leasys’ fleet and charging network, the electrification strategy will also materialize at the service level. In fact, new offers from mobility formulas “from one minute to a lifetime”. These are designed to encourage the spread of zero-emission cars without the constraint of ownership. Already today it goes by CarCloud, the innovative monthly subscription, a Leasys Miles, long-term rental pay per use. And how not to mention Leasys Unlimited, which contains in a single formula all the services necessary for a carefree rental experience.

To these is added the recent LeasysGO!. This is the first zero-emission car sharing service that allows you to rent one of the New 500 electric cars in free floating mode. To date, the service is present in Italy between Turin, Milan and Rome, ready to arrive in France by the end of 2021 e in Spain the following year.

The Leasys “mobility revolution” has also significantly affected the financial front. Indeed, in July, the company placed a Green Bond of 500 million euros maturing in July 2024 and coupon at a fixed rate of 0.00 per cent. It is the first time that the FCA Bank Group and Stellantis have carried out such a significant transaction by placing a Green Bond on the capital markets. The operation was characterized by a very high quality order book, with € 2.3 billion raised by over 129 investors, confirming their trust. The proceeds from the Green Bond will be used by Leasys to finance its fleet of electric and hybrid plug-in vehicles and the network of fast-charge electric charging points.

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