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LeBron James, Rick and Morty also arrive on MultiVersus

The open beta of MultiVersus, the ambitious and highly anticipated video game from Warner Bros. Games which, as the title suggests, is a veritable festival of the crossover of alternative worlds. To confirm this comes today the announcement that MultiVersus will host three new characters, such as LeBron James (star of the NBA and Space Jam: New Legends), Rick Sanchez e Morty Smith (from the famous animated series Rick & Morty).

The new MultiVersus trailer with LeBron James

In addition to the announcement of the new characters, and the launch of the open beta, there is also a new gameplay trailer today that shows us LeBron James in the game. The basketball player wears the iconic Space Jam: New Legends outfit.

From the trailer we see that James is able to adapt to any style of play, showing off his inhuman skills as a basketball player. Crushes, assists, alle-oops, all in the service of the game.

As mentioned, however, LeBron James is not the only new character. Rick and Morty will give players the opportunity to take advantage of their unique features. Rick Sanchez, for example, is a brilliant scientist who will use his famous door shooter. Morty Smith on the other hand will have a combination of skills based on throwing and counterattack, including weapons with grenades and the ability to throw at enemies.

LeBron James will be available starting today, with the launch of the open beta. The Rick and Morty characters, on the other hand, will be launched later. In particular Morty Smith will arrive on August 9that the same time as the launch of the Season 1. Rick will instead arrive at a date to be announced later.

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