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Apple’s chip expert switches to Samsung

Bad news for Apple – especially at a time when the supply chain doesn’t seem to be working perfectly. According to Business Korea Kim Woo-Pyeong, the chip expert of the Cupertino company, has chosen to leave the company and move to “rival” Samsung after nine years of collaboration. A decision that undoubtedly has an impact on Apple. Let’s try to understand which entity.

Kim Woo-Pyeong, Apple’s chip expert, moves to Samsung

Kim Woo-Pyeong, Apple’s chip expert, has chosen to leave the company to move to Samsung. After working for Texas Instruments and Qualcomm, he has worked in the Cupertino company from 2014 to the present, although it is not yet clear what his responsibilities were. Now, however, Kim will move to Samsung, where he will be the company’s director for a new packaging solutions center. On the other hand, it is undeniable that in the last two years the Korean company has increased its involvement in the semiconductor sector amid growing competition from TSMC, Apple and others.

In fact, just last month, Samsung announced it had begun manufacturing 3nm chips using a new transistor architecture. This means that the company is “attacking” the market as best it can. And that the competition between Samsung and Apple could have really interesting implications, with both companies continuing to compete for customers of smartphones, smartwatches and accessories like AirPods and Galaxy Buds. Precisely for this reason, it is quite unusual that Kim Woo-Peyong has chosen to leave Apple for one of his competitors. Yet so it is. What it really means we will know soon.

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