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LED screens for companies: for promotional and advertising purposes

Do you have a company or commercial activity? LED screens can have great potential for promotional or advertising purposes

Billboards placed along high-traffic streets or near shops and businesses are no longer sufficient compensate for different promotional needs. For this reason, custom-made LED screens become essential allies. These devices, also known by the common name deriving from the English LED wall, are the new cutting-edge technological frontier used to launch highly disseminated advertising messages, so that anyone, and at any time, can receive a promotional and informative communication.

Normally, we are used to thinking of this type of panels in the windows of large shopping centres, however their placement can also be intimate and direct, and come in small, medium and large sizes even within company and commercial premises.

LED screens for companies: for promotional and advertising purposes

An eye-catching advertising and information solution with LED screens

LED screens have a captivating appeal when presenting promotions, advertising slogans or simple information, as they allow consumers to live an interactive experience with the company. In fact, companies exploit these technological devices to capture the target audience, through communications messagestargeted images or videos in line with your target.

A sort of continuation of the media world in which we are all perpetually immersed. So much so that it seems like social media-friendly contentthrough which the company or store tends to converse and interact with its followers.

Easy customization

Beyond the media capabilities of LED screens, the personal advantages must also be considered. Not surprisingly, the company can claim on small, medium or large devices, as well as tailor-made solutions to send your messages.

Furthermore, digital content can be personalized, so as to be represented perfectly the moment in which we communicate, and the products or services that are precisely available at a given moment. For this reason they are excellent at intervening in favor of events, discounts, sales or particular company promotions they fall within the personal and private philosophy of the company or the commercial space.

For example, to celebrate a decade in business, a company might sbenefit from rotating promotionsor follow a sort of advent calendar in which every day a product is available at a reduced price.

LED screens for companies: for promotional and advertising purposes

Message rotation: an exclusive advantage

In traditional billboards, a poster was displayed as an advertising formula, but its power is rather limited. Instead, thanks to LED screens, promotional message may vary not only every day but also hour by hour. This solution allows you to reach customers at different time slotsadapting with extreme precision to marketing surveys aimed at the different types of customers that are distributed during the opening period of the store or company.

Just think of the students, who don’t come to the shop in the morning but can arrive in the afternoon. In contrast, pensioners prefer the early hours to go shopping or request subsistence services. We are talking about a versatile component which gives us an advantage over the competition. In fact, with LED devices we can create dynamic and engaging advertisements directly to customers present at that given moment. Therefore, LED screens are precious allies for our marketing plan, and if the messages are well structured, they can actually defeat the competition. That’s all from the electronic section, keep following us!