Legacy, the true story of the Lakers on Disney Plus

Legacy, la vera storia dei Lakers su Disney Plus

Coming to Disney Plus Legacy: The True Story of the Lakers, the TV series about the rise of one of the greatest teams in basketball history

From November 23rd is available on Disney Plus Legacy, the TV series that talks about the history of the Los Angeles Lakers, one of the largest companies in the NBA. The series is focused on what is defined as the Lakers dynasty, from the advent of the Buss family at the helm of the team to the incenta of titles first with the stars Magic Johnson and Karim Abdul-Jabbar, then with post showtime with the advent of the other two stars: Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant. A story in ten episodes enriched by interviews, exclusive images and documents relating to one of the greatest teams in the history of sport.

Legacy: the story of the Los Angeles Lakers

The history of the Lakers begins in 1946but the franchise settled in Los Angeles starting in 1959, undertaking in these years a very famous rivalry with the Boston Celtics, however marked by the four defeats between 1962 and 1966, with the title finally arriving in 1972. 80 comes the glory period of the Lakers dynasty, which actually began in 1980, with the victory of the NBA title thanks to the arrival of Magic Johnsonin his first year in the League, decisive for the victory of his team.

Magic Johnson e Karim Abdul-Jabbar are the two icons of the Lakers who in the 80s gave life to what is called Showtime, a spectacular basketball, loved by the general public of the NBA. The decline of the two stars and the advent of Jordan’s Chicago Bulls leads to a period of decline, but towards the end of the 90s the Lakers reconstitute themselves, with the arrival of coach Phil Jackson, the leader of Michael Jordan’s Bulls , and the grafting of the two new stars: Shaquille O’Neal e Kobe Bryant. The Los Angeles Lakers returned to dominate the NBA at the turn of the century, winning three consecutive titles at the turn of the century. Today, the Lakers are one of the most famous and renowned teams in the history of American basketball.

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