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LEGO Brawls Review: Brawls and Bricks on PC and Consoles

After three years in which it was exclusive to Apple Arcadefinally LEGO Brawls becomes also available for PC and console. For this review we tried the PlayStation 5 version of LEGO Brawls and had a lot of fun. It is a game in pure LEGO style: family friendly and also suitable for children.

The LEGO Brawls review

Playing LEGO Brawls is a bit like playing with bricks: you choose a scenario, put together a few pieces and enter an arena ready for action. The designers have chosen not to tell a story but to base the I play purely on the gameplay. The process it’s very simple. First, there let’s build a minifigure with the components that we have already unlocked during the game; that will be our character. And then, we get into a fight with other players online and have a great time.

The mechanics are designed to be within everyone’s reach: the movement is sideways and two keys are used: one to jump and the other to hit the enemy hand-to-hand. Occasionally, you can collect special attacks to be used then at the right time.

At the end of each fist fight, based on how good we were, there bricks will be given to convert into customizations. Sometimes, we will directly receive new pieces for our minifigures. All the unlockable items are purely aestheticThere is no difference between beating an enemy with a lightsaber rather than a baguette. Since we are talking about unlockables, we point out that this game does not involve microtransactions. This choice, we must admit, we liked a lot, given the context.

From the description given so far, it is clear that the game is very casual. You participate in fun and frenetic, but all in all short, clashes, and then, progressively, you update your look.

Interesting option for family entertainment

LEGO Brawls character

The very low entry barrier and the possibility to play in teams makes, in our opinion, this game a good option for a family afternoon; situation in which adults and children have to find a comfortable game for everyone. On the one hand, children are definitely drawn to the LEGO setting with all its various series, such as Ninjago, Space and Jurassic World. On the other hand, adults not used to playing they are not intimidated by the gamebecause it does not require preparation.

Furthermore, from a playful point of view, for the little ones, LEGO Brawls can be a good entry point into the brawler genre. Once they learn how to manage this game, they can try to tackle something more complex without suffering major frustrations.

Immediate and accessible does not mean trivial

LEGO Brawls home

The design of the game, you can see it immediately, is meant to be immediate and accessible. The tutorial lasts for a couple of minutes, and unless you are obsessed with the look, in ten minutes we are ready to play. During the game the controls are not complex and they work very well. Unfortunately, it’s also true that the options we have on the playing field offer, honestly, little variety.

This however it does not mean that the game is trivial. A trivial game is too simple a game to really challenge us. LEGO Brawls, the subject of this review, the challenge poses it all right. Because there are other human players with whom we must always confront, on equal terms. In fact, if all the unlockable elements are only aesthetic and there are no microtransactions, only the best player always wins.

Be careful not to get confused

LEGO Brawls western

Let’s be honest: watching the launch video, if we haven’t played it yet, you immediately think of Smash Bros. In fact, LEGO Brawls shares it with the Nintendo home title just the kind. First, the characters are all the same; so, there is no need to build a strategy based on skill balance but it is instead necessary to establish a tactic by observing how the opponent behaves. Secondly, the action is not precise and calculated but tremendously frenetic and dynamicso much so that often you have some difficulty following what’s happening on the screen. Even when we lose a life, we are re-catapulted immediately into the fray.

Do not worry, two games will be enough for you to realize that it is something else entirely.

The legacy of Apple Arcade

The only thing that actually left us a little perplexed about this game is the fact that from a design point of view it is still the game from three years ago, designed for Apple Arcade. Short, non-continuous game sessions with simple controls and a very low preparation time are all typical features of mobile games. In this type of games, in fact, we play for short periods and when we can; waiting for the bus or in the coffee break. Game session breaks are unpredictable e we don’t want to waste time choosing or configuring anything, because we have little time available. Finally, we have a limited screen available, so controls and views must be simple.

Mind you, there’s nothing wrong to propose a casual game with these characteristics for a console. Indeed, there were more so well done. However, after three years, we were really hoping for a leap forward compared to the previous version. This leap forward it was done for the assets and the quality of the controls, which work great with the gamepad. But it doesn’t seem like it was done for the game mechanics. Leaving us there for a while, waiting for something to happen with the first expansion.

The LEGO Brawls review for PC and consoles at a glance

Compared to other products already on the market this game offers a more homogeneous experience because it doesn’t mix characters that are sometimes too different from each other. In contrast, the strong emphasis on accessibility and simplicity pushes the user target towards casual gamers. This could potentially leave those looking for competition a little discontented.

The leap forward compared to the Apple Arcade version that has already existed for three years in our opinion it is not particularly tangible. Although playing with TV and gamepad creates a very different experience from mobile.

If you are passionate about LEGO bricks (and who isn’t?) Then this is a game that must be tried. It is honestly a bit difficult to recommend it to everyone. But, certainly, for the younger audience, it can represent an excellent entry point to the brawler genre.


  • Ready to play immediately
  • Very accessible
  • Also suitable for family fun


  • Little variety of gameplay
  • The unlockables are purely aesthetic
  • Poor localization in Italian
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